How to Remove Scratches from Windshield (6 Best Methods)

Removing scratches from a windshield can be a tremendous headache because of various reasons. First, it doesn’t look good. Second, it is dangerous. Third, you don’t know where to start fixing it. Fourth, you don’t know if you need a professional’s help or you can do it yourself.

Well, there are different external factors, which can cause a scratch on windshields. Yes, damaged wiper blades, road debris, improper cleaning, all of these can result in a stubborn scratch on your windshield, which you want to get rid of, and you keep asking how to remove fine scratches on the windshield.

remove scratches from windshield
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There are several methods that can be deployed to remove windshield wiper scratches. First of all, you must figure out the cause of windshield scratches and their severity. You don’t need to replace your entire windshield. A minor scratch that is causing visual impairment for the driver can be overcome with some easy methods.

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Your windshield is made of glass with several layers to protect it. The outer layer, which is damaged by scratches, is not a big deal, and you can overcome it yourself.

This guide will help you to understand the common reasons for windshield scratches, how to remove scratches from windshield of a car, and the best way to remove scratches from the windshield. Stay glued.

Most Common Causes of Windshield Scratches:

As we already mentioned, there is no one cause to blame for the fine scratches on your windshield. Instead, several reasons are there, and unfortunately, some of them are not even in your control. Here are the common reasons for windshield scratches:

Damaged Wiper Blades

It happens that when you wipe your glass, it causes a screeching sound. You don’t give it a thought, but it may be the cause of the windshield scratch.

With time, the wiper blades lose their soft texture. Due to neglect and ageing, these wiper blades cause unnecessary friction with your windshield and damage it.

In addition to these things, it is also possible that sometimes you forget to turn on the water or accidentally start wiper blades which can cause the friction of dust particles and debris with the windshield causing scratches as the wiper keeps moving without water. It blurs the driver’s vision and is very dangerous.

Defective Ice Scrapers

Living in a snowy area isn’t always bliss. You know the number of times you have to clean up the driveway as well as your porch. Snow doesn’t spare your car if you don’t keep it in the garage. When it’s time to go, you have to clean up the snow. An ice scraper comes in handy at this time.

But have you ever thought that your ice scraper might be the cause of windshield scratches?

Yes, it can be. An old and damaged ice scraper can also cause scratches on the windshield. If your ice scraper is old and damaged, check it first and then use it on your windshield. Else, you will have a lot of windshields fixed afterwards.

Improper Cleaning Methods

A clean car looks impressive, and sometimes you take all your cleaning supplements and start cleaning the windshield. But it is possible that instead of cleaning it, you caused the fine scratches on your car’s windshield.

Use of rough cloth or a dirty cloth or scrub may cause fine scratches or dirt streaks on your windshield. It can also be caused by the spinning cleaners of the automatic car wash.

The glass of your car is gentle and needs gentle cleaning with a lint-free microfiber cloth. Do not just pick any ordinary cloth to clean your windshield.

Tree Branches

That doesn’t sound good, right? But it is unavoidable if you live in a place or travel on roads with shadowy trees that brush their branches on your car’s windshield.

It may look beautiful as you pass, but if it is your daily route, after a while, you will start noticing the fine scratches on your windshield.

You can’t trim the trees, but you can change your route or use a windshield scratch repair kit to fix your windshield.

Road Debris

Many times it is not anyone’s fault that your windshield gets scratched. When you are driving on the road full of rocks and dirt or driving behind a large vehicle, the flying debris such as small rocks and pebbles cause windshield scratches.

Again it is an unavoidable reason, and you need to fix your windshield afterwards.

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How to Remove Scratches from Windshield (6 Best Methods)

You can’t and should not run to the professional for help for every minor windshield scratch. There are a few effective ways, following which you can fix the scratches yourself. But how to get scratches out of the windshield? Here are all the answers for how to fix a scratched windshield. Have a look.

Use a Windshield Scratch Repair Kit

If you want professional-like results, windshield scratch repair kits are the best to do that. They come equipped with every tool you need to fix your windshield, and they are also affordable and save a large amount of replacing your windshield.

You can go for the Glass Polish DIY Windshield Polishing Kit which comes with a disc and spindle, a polishing compound, and a microfiber cloth. Just attach the Disc to the drill and start working. It is one of the best DIY polishing kits on the market right now and inexpensive as well. Users love it for its near-perfect finish, and you will also love it.

windshield polishing kit

You can also try the ATG Windshield-FIX Full Repair Kit. It comes with a lot of small equipment which works together to remove scratches, chips, and fill in the cracks. Its small needle clears the cracks effectively, and its injector fills in the high-quality resin formula into the cracks and scratches. As it dries, you can see that the crackes or scratches are gone.

Every scratch repair kit has a certain way to apply it. You will find more of the best windshield scratch repair kit later in the article.

Jewelers Rouge Polishing Compound

You may be wondering; what is a jeweler’s rouge? Well, it is a compound that jewelers use to clear the scratches from precious diamonds. Yes, you can understand now what it can do for your windshield. It is the best way to remove scratches from the windshield when the scratches are minor.

All you have to do is take the polishing compound and start buffing the minor scratches. They are easily available, and for removing scratches, they are known as polishing compounds. You can buy them from Amazon also.

You can also make a mixture of water, glycerin, and jeweler’s rouge and apply it on the scratch with your finger and let it sink in with a soft circular motion. Wipe out the excess, and you will see that your scratches are gone.

You can buy the Enkay Jewelers Rouge and Polishing Compound Kit which is available at a very affordable price. It is softer than any usual polishing compound and picks up well at slow speed. This is quite popular for its excellent polishing quality. This kit has six bars which will help you get rid of the scratches for a long time.

drixet jewelers rouge white polishing

In addition to this, you can also go for the Drixet Jeweler’s Rouge Polishing/Buffing Compound which can be used on a variety of surfaces such as wood, appliances, jewelry, car, etc. With the Jeweler’s rouge red compound you can get a matt finish. It removes very little metal and create a high shine.

They are inexpensive and easy to use. You can use them on different surfaces and get rid of scratches in a quick and easy manner.

Use Clear Acrylic Nail Polish

Removing scratches from the windshield does not always have to be lots of tools and cleaning equipment. It can be as simple as using a clear acrylic nail polish. Sounds weird? It is, but it is also the simplest and best way to remove scratches from the windshield.

Your nail polish can save you a lot of money, or it can get you a clear and scratch-free-looking windshield in a couple of minutes.

All you have to do is take the nail polish and apply it on the scratch just like you use it on your nails. It will sink in, and as it dries, the scratch will be gone. Clear the excess nail polish, and you will feel as if there was no scratch.

You can get the best results with the Pronto Clear Acrylic Nail Polish (this professional nail polish remover is made with 100% pure acetone which is quite flammable. So, it is advised that you keep away from heat or open flames. Keep this product out of the reach of children and most importantly, avoid getting it into your eyes.).

professional nail polish remover

The Blue Cross Yello Out Clear Acrylic Nail Polish is another best clear acrylic nail polish for windshield scratch removal. So, if you wanted to know how to remove scratches from windshield without spending a lot of money, using a clear nail polish is the most helpful option for you.

Use Cerium Oxide Glass Polishing Compound

Many polishing repair kits claim to include a cerium oxide formula, but what is this cerium oxide? It is a white and yellowish polishing formula which is best if you want a quick and effective solution for your windshield scratches.

You just need to mix it with water, and it will make a perfect polishing and sealing solution. You can use it with a hand pad for finer scratches or a powered drill machine for deeper scratches. It dries and changes into a white crystal form which mends the windshield and gives it a fresh look.

There are various products available in the market which boast of being the best Cerium Oxide polishing solution, but you must choose from the Gordon Glass Cerium Oxide Glass Polishing Kit or Cerium Oxide High Grade Glass Polishing Solution.

GP90006 Cerium Oxide by Glass Polish is a high-grade glass polishing solution which when mixed with water, is best for removing scuffs, limescale, scratches, adhesive residue, polishing blemishes, etc., and gives a smooth finish. It provides high suspension in water for quick polishing, and for best results on deeper scratches, you can use it with a felt pad or polishing wheel.

cerium oxide glass polishing kit

The Cerium Oxide Glass Polishing Kit by Gordon Glass comes with a 3-inch felt polishing wheel and 8 Oz high-quality cerium oxide polishing compound. It will help you achieve professional results with the slurry. In fact, you can leave the solution to dry and collect it to use later. Just mix it with water and polish any surfaces.

Using cerium oxide is one of the best ways to remove scratches from car windshields.

Apply Toothpaste and Baking Soda Mix

A windshield scratch can be treated with something as simple as a household product. It doesn’t sound good, but it’s true. Your kitchen cabinet is full of ingredients that can work like magic for your windshield scratches.

If you are tired of asking how to remove scratches from a windshield, go to your kitchen and find baking soda. Now take your toothpaste, a bowl, and you are ready for the task.

First of all, look at your scratch and how severe it is. This mixture will work for minor scratches which are spread up to one layer of the windshield. Take a windshield cleaner and spray it to clean your windshield. Remove all the dirt and grime nicely; otherwise, it will be packed in your windshield with the mixture.

Now take the bowl and empty a quarter of toothpaste in it. Do not take gel toothpaste. Add a teaspoon of baking soda and mix it properly. Now take a spatula or your finger and spread it on the scratch in a circular motion. Let the mixture sink in for a while. Use it in soft motions without applying any pressure.

After a while, take a soft cloth and buff the area. Spray the cleaner again and clean your windshield. If you can still see scratches, repeat the process or use another method. Remember, It is only a temporary solution.

Take Professional Help

If you accidentally scratched your car’s windshield and there is a minor scratch, the above DIY methods will help you. You can fix your windshield quickly and affordably. But what about a large spider web or a bull-s eye that has almost wrecked your windshield?

All of the above methods, even if combined, won’t be able to help you because the damage is too severe, and it needs a professional’s help and not home remedies.

Typically, in severe cases, your windshield needs to be operated, i.e., the windshield is replaced. Of course, it can’t be done at home. In this case, take the car to the professional before the windshield shatters in your vehicle as you drive.

They remove the trim, then remove your windshield with suction cups, and remove all the dirt and dust from the pinch. A new windshield is put in place, and you can drive back home.

Of course, it will make you loosen your wallet, and that’s why it is advised that you take care of your windshield if you don’t want another costly replacement.

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What is the Best Windshield Scratch Repair Kit?

If you don’t want to use nail polish or baking soda or the thought of using toothpaste on your car scares you, you can use a windshield scratch repair kit. These kits come equipped with everything that will fix the scratch and even minor cracks on your car quickly.

Now, the question arises which one is the best windshield scratch repair kit to remove scratches from the windshield?

Don’t worry; you don’t have to waste your time in the market. Here is the list of best windshield scratch remover kits. Check these out and choose one as per your need and the scratch.

GLASS POLISH DIY Windshield Polishing Kit

If you want a super inexpensive DIY scratch repair kit for removing windshield scratches, you need GP21005 DIY Polishing Kit. Why is it on top of the list? Because car owners love it. It has a place in every list that talks about removing windshield scratches.

windshield polishing kit

It comes with a universal 6 mm drill attachment for the polishing Disc and spindle that comes with it to perform the job accurately. The kit also contains a microfiber cloth which you can use to clean the windshield afterwards to check your handiwork. Not just your windshield, but this kit is helpful for any type of glass scratches.

Be it hard water deposits, tree sap, adhesive glue, or wiper blades scuff, the kit removes every scratch effectively. For fine scratches, this is the best windshield scratch repair kit.


  • It is not costly at all.
  • It eradicates fine scratches.
  • It can be used on any type of glass item.
  • Known for improving glass clarity and giving back the car its original look.


  • It requires an electric drill.
  • Not 100% effective if the scratch is deep.

ATG Windshield-FIX Full Repair Kit

This is one of a kind windshield scratch repair kit. It is a German technology to treat not only scratches but even the cracks on your windshield. Be it a star-shaped crack, a bull ’s-eye, half-moon, or any other type of scratch, or crack, the ATG Windshield scratch repair kit will fix it.

atg windshield repair kit

The ATG windshield scratch remover kit comes equipped with:

  • Cleaning Pin Needle
  • 2.5 ml UV Resin
  • Sealing Rings
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Finish Foil
  • Adhesive Seal
  • Resin Injector
  • Instruction Manual

You may find the process a bit difficult, but the result will be worth it. Its small cleaning pin needle effectively cleans the crack so that there is no dirt afterwards when you pack it with resin. Its resin formula is one of its kind and does not steal the original look of the glass. The Resin Base allows you to inject the resin formula into the crack cleanly.


  • It is one of its kind.
  • The kit is complete in itself.
  • It gives our glass a look as if there was nothing cracked.
  • It works on scratches as well as small cracks.


  • All the leaning, injecting, and sealing is not something every car owner is comfortable with.

Glass and Windshield Scratch Removal Kit

If you want a simple method to clean scuff from your glass, your windshield has scratches that are troubling you and giving your car a bad look, and you are wondering, ‘what is the best windshield scratch remover?’ you can simply look upto Cerium Oxide Glass Polishing Kit.

Why is it best? Because it is simple. If you have an electric drill or grinder and you are deft with it, you can easily clear all the scratches on your windshield. It comes with an 8 oz Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder pack and a 3-inch diameter durable felt polishing wheel.

cerium oxide

All you have to do is make a slurry of the cerium oxide with water, dip a wet polishing wheel in it and start working on your windshield. It is advised to work in a shaded area else the glass will overheat and crack.


  • It is simple, and everyone deft with a frill can use it.
  • The polishing compound is high-quality and leaves your glass polished and scratch-free.
  • If the slurry dries up, you can collect it and use it again after mixing water in it.


  • It requires a drill, and not everyone is comfortable using it.

Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit

If your crack is fresh and small, you need a Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit. If you want the best results with this repair kit, apply it as soon as possible after the cracks. If your windshield has round cracks less than one inch in diameter or the crack is only up to one layer in glass, this kit will help you a lot.

This car windshield repair kit comes with an applicator, high-quality resin, a razor blade, and a plunger top which helps you effectively put in the resin on the damaged area. It dries quickly and allows you to go out as soon as possible.

rain-x windshield repair kit

It removes the air from the breaks and fills it with the high-quality resin, which quickly seeps in and dries, mingling with the glass giving it a new look. This windshield scratch removal tool can repair all types of laminated windshields in minutes. It minimizes the appearance and stops the spread of chips and cracks.


  • It is easy-to-use, affordable, and top-rated among the windshield scratch repair kits available in the market.
  • Suitable for round damage and crack up to 12 inches.
  • Works well for single-layer damage on any laminated glass.


  • The plunger top is too small, and for round damage more extensive than one inch, it doesn’t work the same way.

Professional Car Windshield Repair kit

It happens that you want to go out, and suddenly you notice the bull-eye or spider web on your windshield. What to do at such a time? You need a Professional Car Windshield Repair Kit that does the job of mending the cracks and scratches in merely 20 to 30 minutes. It is the best windshield scratch repair kit to remove scratches from the windshield.

car windshield repair kit

The kit comes with a repair injector, repair resin formula, repair film, a razor blade, and an instruction manual. Clean the area, place the injector and fill the resin in the gaps. Just let it dry, and you will see that the high-quality resin easily mingles with the windshield and the crack is nowhere to be seen. Remove the extra resin with the razor blade, and if you have any doubt, its instruction manual comes in handy.

This kit works for minor damage on all types of laminated windshield screens such as half-moon, small chips, cracks, bull-eye, spider web, star-shaped, etc. Don’t try to use it on your mobile screen.


  • It takes only 20-30 minutes of time.
  • Best works in a shaded area away from sunlight.
  • The method is easy for results like a professional.


  • Not apt for damages more than 1 inch, and cracks are going farther than 12 inches.
  • It May not give optimum clarity for severe damages.

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How to Remove Windshield Scratches [FAQs]:

A car is a prized asset, and you don’t want a single blemish or scratch on it. But many times, you can spot a fresh scratch on your car windshield. There are several common reasons for windshield scratches as we have already discussed in the beginning of this article.

But when you get one on your windshield, your mind keeps asking several questions unless you have removed the scratches, such as how to remove fine scratches from the windshield, which is the best professional windshield repair kit, what are the home remedies for removing windshield scratches, etc.

Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding how to remove scratches from windshield of car are answered here. Let’s check them out:

Does Cerium Oxide Really Work?

Yes, it works. It is a simple way to remove scratches, blemishes, scuff, etc. If you wonder how cerium oxide removes scratches from glass, the answer is it is a white-yellowish powder that makes a fine slurry when mixed with water.

You must apply it on the scratch and use a polishing wheel to polish the surface. Then let it dry. It turns into a crystal form that looks like windshield glass, fixing the scratch. It is perfectly safe for glass and works magic on fine scratches, and gives better clarity.

And in case if you are wondering, what is the best glass polishing compound for removing scratches from windshield, then we would suggest you to try out the Gordon Glass Cerium Oxide Glass Polishing Kit. It is the most reliable and best cerium oxide glass polishing compound in the market right now.

What is the Best Windshield Scratch Remover?

If you are mending the windshield scratches at home, there are several ways to do it. You can use acrylic nail polish for hair-thin scratches. Baking soda and toothpaste mix can also give a temporary solution to your windshield scratches.

Cerium oxide is a good polishing compound, but for more severe scratches such as a spider web, half-moon, bull-eyes, etc., you need something better.

You can get scratches out of windshields using a professional windshield scratch repair kit. Glass Polish DIY Windshield Polishing Kit includes a microfiber cloth, a polishing pad, and a polishing compound that helps you achieve professional results.

Drixet jeweler’s Rouge Polishing/ Buffing Compound is another way to remove windshield scratches which is affordable and straightforward. Just take the rogue polishing compound and buff it on the cracked surface.

Can Toothpaste Remove Scratches from Windshield?

When you are looking for ways for removing scratches from the windshield, and you see toothpaste in the list, the question pops in your head, “how to remove fine scratches from the windshield with toothpaste?” Isn’t it?

But you should know that it is a quite simple and economical way to remove those bad scratches from the windshield. And not only windshield, but it also helps in clearing foggy headlights.

It is an abrasive, and rubbing it on the affected area gives you a clear surface. Those finer scratches and scuffs don’t need a professional’s help. Just a little toothpaste and you are covered. You can also mix baking soda for the best results.

How to Remove Fine Scratches from Windshield – Author’s View

It can be challenging to see the scratches on the windshield of your car. A car is a valuable asset, and every dent and scratch reduces its value. That’s why is essential that you remove scratches from the windshield on time.

When the scratches are minor, there are several DIY remedies with household ingredients that can return the original look of your car.

You can turn to Cerium Oxide Glass Polishing Kit for more severe scratches, and if you don’t believe in home remedies, there are scratch repair kits available in the market which come equipped with the right tools to fix your windshield.

We have discussed the best windshield scratch repair kits. Glass Polishing DIY Scratch Repair Kit is one of those kits which provide professional results.

This guide discusses at length the repair kits and how you can use them. These are handpicked repair kits, and you can choose one as per your budget and the method you prefer for your windshield. While choosing a method for removing scratches from the windshield, do consider the kind of scratch your windshield has.

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