How to Get Mold Out of Car Carpet in 6 Simple Steps

Most of us have experienced mold infestation in damp and moist areas during the monsoons. It is caused by fungus and has the ability to multiply and spread very quickly. While mold on household items is a common sight for most of us, mold in car carpets is also something you must be worried about, mainly during the monsoons!

Be it your car interiors or seat covers; mold can grow at any place where they find moisture. This primarily occurs if you spill a drink or keep your sunroof and windows open during rains.

The mold does not take too long to form when the seat or carpet is damp. And it can multiply and spread within just a few days. The mold is not only stinky and gross, but it is also harmful to your health.

How to Get Mold Out of Car Carpet in 6 Simple Steps
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Black mold is toxic in nature and can cause multiple health hazards to humans, including shortness of breath, allergic reactions, memory loss, bloating, abdominal pain, etc., which is why removing mold from car carpet is necessary!

Are you wondering; how to remove mold from carpet in car?

To know that, you must go through this entire article. We have discussed the possible causes of mold infestations and the best ways to remove mold from your car interiors in the coming sections. You will also know the time required to get off the molds and whether they are dangerous for your car.

So, without wasting much time, let us divulge the details and get the desired knowledge now! Read on…

What Causes Mold in Cars? Is Mold in a Car Dangerous?

The fungus causes mold, which is hazardous to human health, as discussed above. But is mold in a car dangerous? Can it damage your car interiors? What will happen if you do not remove it timely? We will discuss these in this section.

One of the most dangerous kinds of mold is the black type. It not only affects human health but also has the potential to damage car interiors. Molds are mainly caused in and around damp and moist conditions.

So, if it is formed inside the car, you must have an idea about what causes mold in car carpet! It might be a wet gear that you have left behind, windows that do not get closed, spilling of liquid substances that go uncleaned, and other similar wet stuff.

Getting mold out of car carpet is necessary because the molds not only get formed easily, but they spread very quickly too! And when this happens, it will bring harm to both your and your car’s health. Some molds are very stinky, while some molds are toxic. You have to identify the type of mold formation inside your vehicle to get rid of them quickly.

If you wait for a longer period for car carpet mold removal, it will only increase the health risks incessantly. From causing shortness of breath to damaging the car interiors, you will see it all with time. And if you do not want to face such consequences, get the mold removed faster!

Wondering how to get mold out of carpet in car? We will discuss this later in this article. But you must know that if the infestation is not too high, you can do it yourself using a handful of techniques. But if the infestation is high, then you have to take the help of a professional to get rid of molds in your car carpet!

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How Long Does It Take for Mold to Grow in Car Carpet?

By far, we have read that the molds grow quickly on any surface, but how quickly does mold grow? In ideal conditions (optimal temperatures and high humidity), the mold can start germinating within 24-48 hours.

The time can be shorter in certain conditions like regular water leakage or heavy damp areas. So, if you ask how long does it take for mold to grow in the wet carpet of your car interior, then you must know that the infestation can occur within 1 to 2 days of getting it wet.

how to remove mold from car carpet

However, the time also varies according to the circumstances mentioned above. Well, this was about how long does it take for mold to form from water damage. But how long does it take to be visible properly? The pores in these microorganisms start colonizing in 3-12 days, and there can be visibility within a good 18-21 days.

With time, ambient temperatures, and increased moisture, the time of growth and spread of the molds can vary. As fast as it grows, getting mold out of car carpet is also a quick and easy process. We will read about it in the next section. Please keep reading!

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How to Get Mold Out of Car Carpet (6 Simple Steps)

This is the article’s most important section, probably what you have come looking for! Here, you will get to know how to get mold out of car carpet in simple and easy steps. Follow these important steps mindfully to get rid of the mold infestation and save your car (and yourself) from further damage.

Here we go:

Prepare the Car Interior for Cleaning

To remove mold from car carpet, the first thing you should focus on is preparing it for the process. Many might not find this step to be relevant, but it is actually a very crucial step before you start with your mold removal process.

As we already know, mold occurs from wet or damp surroundings. And when we leave behind wet clothes or trash that contain moisture, it will not only increase the mold contamination but will also come in the way of cleaning it.

Thus, it is very necessary that you get all such things as wet trash cans, damp clothes, and any other personal belongings from inside your car that can come in the way of the cleaning process.

The best way to get mold out of car is to clear the vehicle of any possible resources that can bring back the mold again, and all your efforts and work of cleaning it will go in vain.

All the seat covers or clothes you plan to bring back in the car must be washed and dried properly before bringing back as a bit of contamination can cause mold formation again.

Find the Source of Moisture Mold and Remove It

When you often wonder how to remove mold from carpet in car, you will deliberately look for sources that cause mold formation in the first place.

The mold is formed on every wet surface or moisture surroundings in your car. Be it your car seat covers or your car carpet, and if there is water or moisture on it, then it is likely to grow molds faster and easier.

Here is the catch! The best way to get rid of the mold is to find its source and remove it entirely. There may be damp leaves that have come inside after a stormy, rainy encounter or the floor mats where you have spilled water unknowingly where the mold can grow.

Also, when you do not use your car for long, the molds are likely to produce faster. Thus it is advised to remove anything, and everything you feel can cause moisture and dampness inside your car.

To remove the mold in car carpet from water damage, you must remove the entire carpet. Likewise, if the vehicle is in darkness for long and has not been used, take it out in the sun and start it for a change.

Remove Mold from Car Interior

Now, this is one of the most effective steps to get mold out of carpet in car! When your car is ready for the treatment, and you have already removed the sources of contamination, you will need to also remove the mold infestation from the car to get rid of it completely.

If you are thinking about using a homemade product for the removal, it’s best to use baking soda. And if you opt for professional mold remover products, go for the Rmr-86 Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover Spray.

rmr-86 instant mold and mildew stain remover spray

The best way to clean mold out of a car if the infestation is too heavy is always a professional product, though! You just need to spray the product on the area of mold formation, use a brush to rub it gently, let it dry for about 30 minutes, and then vacuum clean the mixture.

If you want to use baking soda for the process:

  • Take about 1/4th of soda in 8 ounces of water and make a thick paste.
  • Apply the paste to the area of mold formation, and the rest of the process is the same.
  • Always remember to keep clean clothes, protective gear, and other important items handy before you start with the removal process.

Remove Mold from Carpet with Vinegar

You might have often wondered about how to remove mold from car interior and not allow it to come back again, right?

We all must have thought of this while cleaning the molds from our car interiors. While the above steps are effective in cleaning or removing the mold from the car interiors, this step will take care of its return.

Using white vinegar to clean the molded area is long praised by car owners.

Do you know, why?

Because it removes almost 82% of the molds in your car. You just need to mix it with tap water in an 8:2 ratio, pour in a spray bottle, apply the solution over the molded area, keep it for some time to get it soaked, dry it with a vacuum cleaner, and it is done!

It is the best way to remove mold from car interior as it cleans the molded area perfectly and also disposes of the spores while blocking the chances of returning to a greater extent.

chemical guys carpet cleaner

If you are looking for professional spray cleaning products, you can also opt for the Chemical Guys Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner Spray. It is cheap in price and does the cleaning work very effectively.

Allow Your Carpet to Dry

When you have mold in car carpet, it is easy to remove using the given steps. And this is another crucial step to follow in such instances. The above steps were all good for making the car interior ready for the process and getting the scrubbing done right!

Now comes the wipe and drying part. After you are done scrubbing with either the professional products or the homemade ones, allow your car interior surface to dry for a while.

But before that, ensure you have wiped off the products you have used to remove the molds very well. It is because if there are any traces of the products on the car interior surface and the surface remains damp with it, the molds might not get removed properly.

Also, the long drying of the car interior is advised to prevent the return of the molds again because of any kind of moisture present in the car. It is easy getting mold out of car carpets, but it isn’t easy to keep them away for too long if the car surface is not dried well.

It would be best if you carry on the process during a warm sunny day to avoid extra moisture present in the climate.

Deodorize Your Carpet

Now in the midst of all these car carpet mold removal processes, you might feel there is still a stinky odor in your car because of the mold. And as the molds smell very nasty, it is not easy to use the vehicle if the smell persists. So, deodorizing the car carpet is a necessary step you must not miss out on!

Again, baking soda can work wonders in removing the odor from the car interior. Sprinkle some amount of baking soda over the cleaned surface, and the smell will go off in a while.

And in case, if you do not have baking soda at home, you can also buy the ZORBX Unscented Odor Eliminator to remove the nasty smell from the car carpet. It is not like other odor removers in the sense that it only focuses on capturing the odor molecules and completely absorbing them while not masking them with fragrances or scents.

zorbx unscented odor eliminator

It actually treats the odor and prevents it from coming back again. It is a fast-acting, cheap and effective product that you can use to deodorize your car interior after the completion of the mold removal process. So, this was all about how to get mold out of car carpet at home in 6 simple steps. Hope it helps!

How to Remove Mold from Carpet in Car – Author’s View

If you have come to this page and reached the last part of the article already, then it is possibly because you have been suffering from the problem of mold formation in your car off late, isn’t it?

If so, you already know the best possible ways to get mold out of car carp by now. All the steps discussed in the above section will help you get rid of the mold infestation on your car interior.

The mold is both toxic and stinky, and you need to remove it entirely and treat the odor simultaneously to get rid of it completely.

While all the six steps mentioned here are necessary for the removal process, there are still some steps that are more crucial than the others, and you definitely cannot miss out on them! So, in my opinion, the most effective steps to get mold out of carpets in cars are,

  • Deodorize the Carpet for odor removal using baking soda (homemade mold odor remover) or ZORBX Unscented Odor Eliminator (professional mold smell remover spray)

If you have been thinking about how to get mold out of carpet in your car, then you can not really skip these steps! The mold can damage your health and your car’s interiors as well. So doing it as quickly as you notice is always suggested.

Hopefully, the information provided in this article will help you get rid of mold infestations easily, and you will be able to enjoy a safe ride soon!

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