How to Clean Car Carpet Without a Machine in 7 Simple Steps

If you are here, you probably want to know how to clean car carpets without a machine or what is the best way to clean car carpets and seats. Isn’t it? Well, you are surely on the right page! Regular car cleaning or maintenance is necessary for every car owner. If you do not clean your car regularly, it may attract a lot of dirt and dust that might lead to the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, and other harmful substances that can affect your health.

Not only that, if the car interior is unhygienic, it can also affect the objects inside the car, and they can become damaged too! While most of us think maintaining a car or regularly cleaning it can be a costly affair, it is not so if you can do it mindfully! The DIY carpet cleaner for cars makes it an easy affair! You do not even need machines or help from a car detailer to regularly keep your car clean and hygienic.

how to clean car carpet without a machine
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You can do it in the comfort of your home and in an affordable manner as well. In this article, we will discuss all that, plus some additional information too! You will get detailed knowledge of the best car carpet cleaner spray available on the market and the DIY car cleaning technique without a machine. So, do not waste more time and start reading the article now!

Things You Will Need to Clean Car Carpet Without a Machine

It might be a very difficult task to clean your car carpet at home unless you know what are the things needed to clean car carpet without a machine. But there is nothing to worry about; the essential items required to clean the car carpet at home effortlessly are mentioned below. Take a look.

Nylon Brush

When using a car carpet cleaning solution, a nylon brush plays a very important role in the process! When you spray the cleaning solution on the carpet, you will need to rub it so that the dust or hard stains are cleaned properly. And a nylon brush does the job extremely well. For high-end scrubbing and better results, using a nylon brush is well advised. It is smooth and very effective in cleaning off the tough stains from the car carpet, making the cleaning process easier. It is an essential item you cannot miss out on while cleaning the car carpet!

Broom and Dustpan

If you are worried about how to clean car carpet at home without a machine, then opting for a broom and a dustpan is a nice substitute! These two products do the same job as vacuum cleaners but with manual labor. You will need these two to clean the floor of the car off the dust and dirt accumulation. The Dustpan is used to get the accumulated dust and throw it outside. It requires manual labor, unlike a vacuum cleaner, but when you want to make your car carpet cleaning process machine free, this will help you immensely.

A High-Quality Carpet Cleaning Solution

This is another significant product you will need while cleaning your car carpet. Buy the best car carpet cleaner spray for getting unparalleled results! Most car detailers use the car carpet cleaning solution to get better cleaning of the dust and dirt from the carpet. If you do not want to take the car to a detailer shop or want to use chemically rich solutions, then you can also opt for homemade chemical-free spray solutions. White vinegar, hot water, borax, dishwasher, etc., are some of the products used in making these homemade cleaning spray solutions.

Spray Bottle

When you are using a homemade car carpet cleaner, you will need a spray bottle to utilize the product fully. Otherwise, it will be a bit difficult for you to spray the solution into the carpet. A spray bottle can also be used to spray water into other parts of the car’s interior to clean them properly. All in all, a spray bottle is of quite good use when cleaning car carpets without the help of a machine.

Microfiber Cloth

The best way to clean carpet without a vacuum is using a cleaner spray and water. And when you use these two liquid-based products, it is obvious that you will need something to wipe them off. And nothing is better than a microfiber cloth to do the job! A microfiber cloth is best to wipe the carpet when you spray the floor cleaner because it does not scratch or damage the surface. When a microfiber cloth is used for wiping the car carpet, it will ensure the carpet is cleaned well and remain non-damaged throughout the process. So, keeping a microfiber cloth is well recommended!

How to Clean Car Carpet Without a Machine in 7 Simple Steps

If you are reading this article, you have probably only come to know how to clean car carpet without a machine, right? And to know that, this is the ultimate section you might have been searching for! In this section, we have explained in detail how you can clean your car carpet easily without using any machine. Keep reading to know more.

Step 1: Remove the Carpets from the Car

Given the fact that the car carpets are attached to the car floor and cleaning it would infuse the dust and dirt to the other parts of the car interior, the best way to clean car carpet and seats is to remove them! Well, not the seats ideally, but you must remove the seat covers and car carpets to make the cleaning process easier and simpler.

This should be your first lookout when you start the DIY process of cleaning the car carpet at home. It would be best if you were mindful while removing the carpet and be careful that the dust particles do not fall inside the car. For that, you need to roll up the carpet properly and lift it up to take it out of the car.

It is also the best way to deep clean car carpets because once you want to deep clean, you will need to add cleaner sprays or water, and that can spoil the other parts of the car interior. It will only incur additional work that can take more time as well. Also, when you take the car carpet out, drying it would be easier, which is not the same in the case of non-removable carpets.

Step 2: Sweep the Car Carpets Thoroughly

Generally, after removing the car carpet, the ideal next step is to vacuum it! But since we are not using any machine here, it is essential to look for other better alternatives. And thus, the best way to clean carpet without vacuum is to sweep it using a broom and Dustpan. You need to sweep all the dirt and debris from the car carpet using a broom, accumulate the waste in one place, and then use a dustpan to get them off the carpet.

While dusting the carpet, you must remember that you clean it entirely and do not leave any corner unwiped! Of course, you can get several types of broom and Dustpan to do the sweeping, but when it comes to the best way to clean car interior carpet, you need to use the best set of brush and Dustpan as well!

And when we are here to help you, you will not fall short of suggestions. Try using the YONILL Small Dustpan and Brush Set to get the best results. It is made of premium quality and has an integrated design that will help you sweep the dust easily. It has multipurpose usage and also has an affordable price to help you with your DIY cleaning process.

Step 3: Spray the Car Carpet Cleaning Solution onto the Carpet

The most significant part of cleaning a car carpet without using any machine is to use a car carpet cleaning solution. These solutions help in cleaning the carpet very prominently and remove all kinds of dust and dirt from the carpets. If you are running short of time, you can buy the cleaning solutions to speed up the cleaning process. But if you have enough time and want to keep the entire process home-based, then there are certain homemade products you can use to make the car carpet cleaning solution at home.

For example, a mixture of baking soda and warm water would make for the best DIY car carpet cleaning solution at home. If you’re looking for some ready-to-use solutions, then you can opt for the Chemical Guys Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean and CAR GUYS Detailing Super Cleaner, as these are the most effective and affordable car carpet cleaning solutions available on the market now!

Both these solutions are free of toxicity, have the ability to remove stubborn stains, have multiple applications, are easy to use, have deep cleaning capabilities, and have many other such significant features. If you are wondering how to clean car carpet without a machine, go for a car cleaner spray solution without any doubt!

Step 4: Gently Rub the Carpet with the Brush

No matter whether you use a homemade car carpet cleaner or a cleaner spray solution, you need to rub the sprayed surface to clean it properly. And nothing better than a scrubbing brush to do the job! When the car carpet is sprayed with a cleaning solution, a rubbing brush is effective in cleaning it entirely. Every nook and corner of the carpet can be cleaned well with the help of the rubbing brush, which will eventually make the carpet look new-like!

And if you are looking for a good rubbing brush, then we would suggest buying the Better Boat Upholstery Brush Set, as it is one of the best carpet cleaning brushes for cars! Using a rubbing brush after spraying the cleaning solution is the easiest way to clean car carpet without much hassle. But yes, the amount of manual labor needed to get the job done is worth worrying about!

The Better Boat Upholstery Brush Set will make the job easier, though! It is soft and has genuine horsehair bristles that make the rubbing job a gentle experience! Not only that, the bristles are of premium quality that ensures it lasts longer and is used on various other surfaces other than the car carpet! You must buy it for a hassle-free cleaning experience!

Step 5: Wipe the Carpet with a Microfiber Towel

Still, wondering how to clean car carpet without a carpet cleaner machine? Well, after applying a car carpet cleaning solution and rubbing the surface with a brush, you need to wipe off the remaining dirt and liquid with a microfiber cloth. It is recommended to use a microfiber cloth and not other cloths because it is soft, dries faster, and does not leave marks or scratches on the carpet surface.

Wiping the carpet surface with a microfiber towel after applying a cleaner solution is the best way to clean the carpet without vacuum. And, of course, you would want to buy the best microfiber towel in the market for carrying out the cleaning process. For that, we would suggest purchasing the Woolly Mammoth Microfiber Dryer Towel. It is certainly the best and most professional-grade premium microfiber towel you can get on the market!

The best part about this towel is that it not only dries the carpet faster but it also gets you the perfect streak-free shine that you might have been wanting in your car carpet. It can easily hold gallons of water and traps leftover dirt within the fibers. All in all, you must buy the Woolly Mammoth Microfiber Dryer Towel if you have been looking for the best way to clean car carpets at home without any machine!

Step 6: Repeat the Whole Process If Needed

By now, you already know how to clean car carpet at home without machine as it is explained in detail in the above three steps. However, no matter how good you rub the car carpet or how gently you sweep it with the microfiber towel, there are chances that the tough stains won’t go off easily, or the dust particles might still remain stuck to the surface. In such instances, it is recommended that you repeat the above processes one more time.

Well, it is understandable that performing all the steps repeatedly again can take a lot of time, but if after all the hustle you do not get a clean and shiny car carpet surface, then what’s the use of all the work done previously? Whether you use the best car carpet cleaner spray or the best microfiber towel, it might still not make the entire surface cleaner or stain-free with just one wash. And thus, repeating the process again is recommended to get better results. For cleaner and shiny car carpets, keep spraying the solution and rubbing and wiping until you are satisfied with the results!

Step 7: Let the Carpets Dry Out, That’s It!

After you are done washing the carpet till the moment you are satisfied with its cleanliness and shine, next comes the final step of the process of how to clean car carpets at home without any machine; let the carpets dry properly! Not many would agree, but this final step must be considered the most crucial one in the entire car carpet cleaning procedure. Because if the carpet is not dried well, it will not take much time before it will attract dust and dirt again.

Not only that, mold and mildew might also grow on the car carpet if it is wet after the cleaning process and put back inside the car. For carpets that are non-movable and are cleaned inside the car only, it is advised you keep your car doors and window open and park the car under the sun for as long as you can till it dries out completely! If this step is skipped, no matter how the best carpet cleaner solution for cars is used, it will ruin all your efforts in just a few days!

How to Clean Car Carpet Without a Carpet Cleaner Machine – Author’s View

After reading the entire article, you already got an idea of how to clean car carpet without extractor. Cleaning your car carpet with easily available home-based products will not only save you a lot of money but is also good for keeping your car hygienic and safe from any damage. It is always advised that you regularly keep your car carpet clean to avoid any mold formation that may also attract roaches and other harmful insects.

There are several homemade car carpet cleaner products that you can use to clean your car regularly without having to bear the additional costs. A few of these products and the steps involved are mentioned in the section above. However, it is not always possible to apply all these steps while cleaning your car carpet without a machine! But there are a few steps that you cannot afford to miss! And in my opinion, those steps are,

  • Sweep the Car Carpets Thoroughly
  • Spray the Car Carpet Cleaning Solution onto the Carpet
  • Wipe the Car Carpet with a Microfiber Towel

These are the best way to clean car carpet and seats, as per my understanding. And it would be very unwise if you skip these steps while cleaning your car carpet without a machine. However, the other steps are also essential, and you may or may not apply them as per your understanding and requirements! Hopefully, now you can keep your car carpet clean regularly!

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