12 Best Pressure Washer Soap for Cars and Trucks to Use in 2023

Many car owners are totally glad to wash their vehicle by hand with a pail of gentle foamy water and delicate wash gloves. Yes, some just have the opportunity to run it through a drive-through wash after a top-off, but others don’t get enough scope to wash their vehicle by any means.

Nevertheless, keeping your vehicle clean will keep it in better condition over the long run – particularly in regions of cold weather months.

One tool that can make cleaning your car faster, more straightforward, and more moderate over the long term is a pressure washer. Indeed, you can utilize the one at the nearby coin wash, but you need to make a special effort to arrive there rather than simply doing it on your own.

Apart from cleaning your car, a pressure washer has numerous different uses around the house and yard that make it handy equipment.

best pressure washer soap for cars
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However, the problem starts when it comes to choosing the best pressure washer soap for cars. Since there are different types of car washing soaps and shampoos available, you can’t really understand which soap will keep your car paint intact or won’t cause a scratch on the car body upon use. But fret not!

In a hurry? Here are our top choices:

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This article will help you know about the best pressure washer car soaps you may utilize to keep your vehicle neat. It will further provide an answer to all your questions regarding the cleaning process, which product is affordable and suits you the best. So without further second’s delay, let’s dive in!

Can You Use Regular Car Wash Soap in a Pressure Washer?

Generally, most ordinary vehicle shampoos will not work as pressure washer car soap. This is because ordinary Car shampoos are intended for manual applications and not to be utilized with a pressure washer. In any case, some typical vehicle shampoos may work best with pressure washers.

Above all else, you need to know whether pressure washers have any arrangement for the utilization of vehicle shampoos. Luckily, most pressure washers incorporate explicit kinds of cleanser tanks. These tanks are meant to be used with cleansers which are dedicatedly prepared for washing vehicles.

And since most vehicle shampoos are intended to be applied on a surface before you wash them off, you can’t actually utilize them in a pressure washer car soap tank. That is on the grounds that during the way toward washing, a lot of air pockets and foam will be shaped, which could be unfavorable to the spout of the pressure washer.

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12 Best Pressure Washer Soap for Cars and Trucks

Using a pressure washer is an upgrade over a garden hose, but finding the best pressure washer soap for cars to go with it is another challenge. Pressure washers soap for cars have become more widely available and inexpensive, and more people realize that utilizing soaps and detergents gets the most dirt out of any vehicle.

After all, we wouldn’t use dish soap or laundry detergent if water was always adequate for cleaning. However, different vehicle owners love to use highly modified car wash soap for pressure washers.

Timely use of it ensures the longevity of your car or truck. But there are a plethora of brands available in the market that manufacture some advanced and best car soap for pressure washers. Hence, deciding upon one can be a hectic job.

That’s why we have prepared this list of the 12 best pressure washer soap for cars and trucks to use in 2023. Scroll down to find the one product that will suffice your requirements. Let’s dive in!

Karcher Car Wash and Wax Soap for Pressure Washers

Karcher is a well-known and well-liked brand in the pressure-washing industry, so it’s no surprise that one of their specialty soaps made it to the first place on our list. They offer a car wash soap that not only makes your automobile glitter and shine but will also protect it. This is due to the fact that it includes a vehicle wax additive.

While the wax in this product can’t replace real carnauba for all-around protection, it can help you get through between waxings or if you simply want to add a little layer of protection and shine to make your car appear even better.

karcher pressure washer car wash

This vehicle wash is available in a 1 gallon (128 fl oz) or a 1 quart (32 fl oz) bottle. The quart bottle has a unique design that allows you to pour the liquid in two different ways: “freehand” or through a volume-controlled pouring mechanism with volume labels. This will simplify the process of measuring and diluting the product.

From 32 fl oz, you may produce up to 5 gallons of usable soap, making this an extremely concentrated product. The Karcher Pressure Washer Car Wash and wax cleaning detergent soap is manufactured in the United States and is highly environmentally friendly.


  • Auto wash soap with additional car wax for enhanced shine and protection.
  • 32 ounces create 5 gallons of concentrated formula.
  • In contrast to harsher cleansers, it’s safe for your yard and plants and can be utilized on decks, windows, and other outside surfaces if necessary.


  • Because of the wax, it can’t be used for an inside job.

Chemical Guys CWS_101 Maxi-Suds II Foaming Car Wash Soap

Chemical Guys may not be well-known in the pressure washer industry, but any skilled vehicle detailer will recognize the brand. Here’s a car wash soap that you can use by hand or with a pressure washer. Due to its convenient usage and high-quality results, Maxi-Suds II is considered one of the best car wash soaps for pressure washers.

chemical guys maxi suds ii

Maxi Suds II is a vehicle wash shampoo with three wonderful scents: cherry, strawberry margarita, and grape. This soap is available in three sizes to suit your needs: 1 gallon, a half-gallon (64 fl oz), and a tiny 16 fl oz spray bottle. Whether you use it in a power washer or by hand, this product produces excellent suds that smell nice along the way.

This solution is strong enough to remove dirt and grime, as well as tree sap and bird droppings, without removing your wax or varnish. Even though the soap incorporates water softeners, you should not let it dry on your car to avoid streaks and stains.


  • There are three different sizes and three distinct scents to choose from.
  • Provides great suds.
  • The best car wash soap for hard water.


  • When washing on a hot day, several consumers noticed spots.

Adam’s Mega Foam Car Shampoo for Pressure Washer

This car wash soap is available in a variety of quantities on its own or as part of a car wash package. If you’re looking for a foaming car wash soap for a pressure washer to wash your car or truck, you may buy the soap together with a bucket and glove to ensure you have everything you need.

If you wash your car on a regular basis and already have the necessary tools, you may purchase the soap in three different quantities. The Adam’s Mega Foam features a sudsy and slippery composition that makes it easy to take up dirt particles without damaging your car’s paint.

adams mega foam

It’s available in 16-ounce, 1-gallon, and 5-gallon sizes. This pH neutral car shampoo also comes in a package including a bucket and gloves, 1-2 ounces of soap, pH balance check, the aroma of grapes, formula for sudsy, and scratch-resistant formula with a slick texture.

All automobile surfaces, including paint, rubber, vinyl, and glass, are safe to use, as the pH level of this soap is completely balanced. Yes, this soap, like the others in this list, has a neutral pH to protect the paint on your automobile. These are some of the characteristics of the Adam’s Mega Foam Car Shampoo for Pressure Washer. You can definitely consider buying it.


  • It is non-toxic and biodegradable pressure washer car soap.
  • It has more suds as compared to other cleansers.
  • It has a pleasant fruity smell.


  • Expensive as compared to other cleansers with similar features.

Sun Joe SPX-FCS1G-CRM Premium Snow Foam Car Wash Soap and Cleaner

It’s not every day that you stumble across a vehicle wash soap with such a delicious scent. Sun Joe is another prominent name in the pressure washing sector with its premium quality pressure washer soaps for cars and trucks.

This fast-foaming, high-viscosity snow foam auto wash is available in three flavors and colors: coconut, orange, vanilla combination, and pineapple. You may choose your favorite flavour; however, we preferred coconut.

sun joe pressure washer soap

Sun Joe was well aware of what they were doing with this potent mixture. In fact, you only need 0.2 fl oz of product to get very rich suds in a gallon of water. Even though the solution is meant to cut through filth and oil, it will not fade away from your vehicle wax or sealer, making it an excellent choice for car cleaning.


  • It’s great for vehicles, but it may also be used on other surfaces.
  • Doesn’t remove vehicle wax or sealant.
  • There are three beautiful scents to choose from.


  • The formula dries in a reasonable amount of time.

Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo for Pressure Washer

Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo has been nicely formed to suit a wide range of vehicle surfaces. It empowers the clients to have a fast cleaning meeting for their vehicles as it delivers thick-lavish bubbles and makes a ton of foam.

In addition, it is ideal for adequately eliminating soil and pollutants. Being one of the best pressure washer detergents for cars, some of its features require special mention.

adam's car wash shampoo

Delivers Thick Suds: Adam’s Car Shampoo Gallon creates thick-sumptuous bubbles fundamental for profound and safe cleaning. Inside a couple of moments, you can watch your dusty vehicle shimmering once more.

Super Slick Solution: This vehicle cleanser’s equation joins greases and surfactants, which help in fast foam arrangement. It eliminates the earth, dust, dust impurities, and trash off your vehicle, giving it a gleaming and clean look.

Surface Safe: Without a doubt, you can utilize this vehicle cleanser on every one of the vehicles’ outsides. Try not to stress over the clay covering getting debased or the wax getting eliminated. The arrangement is nicely detailed to be delicate on outside surfaces.

Impartial Formula: This vehicle cleanser has an unbiased cleaning recipe that has an acceptable pH level. You can tenderly utilize it while cleaning as it will not let any streaks or twirl structure.


  • It is non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • Provides a good amount of suds.
  • Provides enhanced shine after the wash.


  • Expensive as compared to other cleansers.

Chemical Guys CWS_110 Honeydew Snow Foam Car Wash Soap

A little goes a long way with this car wash soap for pressure washers from Chemical Guys. Unlike other soaps, which require one ounce of product per gallon of water, this one only requires one ounce of product for five gallons of water, reducing the need to buy additional soap.

This soap is also safe for all of your car’s surfaces, including the glass in the windows and the paint on the body. 16-ounce, 64-ounce, or 1-gallon containers are available to buy.

chemical guys honeydew snow foam

For every 5 gallons of water, use 1-2 ounces of soap. The pH-neutral composition of this product doesn’t affect your car paint. All automobile surfaces are safe to use, including paint, rubber, vinyl, and glass.

The scent of the melon formula for sudsy is impressive. The soap’s label stated that it smelled like honeydew, which we agree with. The melon fragrance wasn’t overpowering, though, making the Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam Auto Wash ideal for a car owner with a strong aversion to odors.


  • It has a fantastic smell.
  • It doesn’t corrode car paint.
  • Great Quantity available at a low price.


  • Since it has a particular smell, some users don’t like it.

Simple Green Pro HD Heavy-Duty Cleaner

Your concrete driveway and walkways will become dirty over time and will need to be cleaned at least once a year. However, not all products are suited for the complex chemicals used in asphalt sealers, which is why Simple Green offers a specialist solution.

Let us begin by stating that this is one of the most cost-effective items we have seen. This powerful solution is specially formulated to remove oil, grease, and dirt from surfaces. It is non-corrosive and will not degrade this sort of material.

simple green pro hd

Furthermore, if you spray your plants and grass with freshwater first and then rinse, this solution will not hurt your greenery, leaving you with a landscape you’ll love.

The composition is gentle yet effective in cleaning concrete surfaces. It can be used in a variety of dilution ratios, although in most situations, one measure of Simple Green Pro HD should be mixed with 10 measures of water.


  • The product is quite affordable.
  • It’s non-corrosive, non-degradable, and won’t damage your plants.
  • Highly effective for concrete surfaces.


  • It should only be used on paved surfaces and should not be used for other purposes.

Briggs and Stratton Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Concentrate for Pressure Washer

This product is recommended if you’re searching for an excellent, powerful detergent that can be used on practically any surface in your house or yard. You don’t have to take our word for it; Briggs & Stratton is a well-known name in the pressure washer business, and their products have a large number of devoted followers.

Briggs and stratton multi purpose cleaner

This pressure washer detergent for cars comes in a convenient 1-gallon bottle with a handle and can be used on practically anything. It can remove dirt and grime as well as mildew. Because this is a detergent, it isn’t the most environmentally friendly solution, so be careful how you dispose of it.

The concentrated recipe is extremely powerful, but you’ll need around 8 fl oz of detergent for each load. It’s perfectly safe to use this detergent in your pressure washer pump, and Briggs and Stratton cleaning solution for pressure washers recommends it.


  • It’s pretty powerful, eliminating the mildew, mold, etc., makes it an excellent solution.
  • The multi-purpose item can be applied on almost any surface.
  • It could be used for various cleaning purposes since it is a robust solution.


  • It’s not exceptionally eco-friendly as a pressure washer detergent.

Sun Joe SPX-APC1G All-Purpose Heavy Duty Pressure Washer Cleaner

Are you looking for a top-rated and best pressure washer soap for cars and trucks? If yes, you must check out this one. Yes, Sun Joe, with their premium car soap, is another prominent name in the pressure washing sector.

It is basically a high-quality shampoo with a spongy texture, nature-friendly, powerful, and a thick solution, which is worth the money. These are some of the characteristics of the Sun Joe SPX-APC1G All-Purpose Heavy Duty Pressure Washer Cleaner.

sun joe spx-apc1g

Just like the other ones from this list, its pH-neutral composition ensures that you don’t have to worry about your car’s paint protection when you use it. For its highly sudsy action, this vehicle wash soap is fantastic. In addition, because it is biodegradable, you will find it to be strong and environmentally friendly.


  • Its texture and quality give a premium finish to your car.
  • Ideal for removing old subsidence of dirt or grime.
  • Easy to use as you don’t need to prepare any mixture.


  • If not cleaned properly, the shampoo may leave patches and marks on the surface.

Krud Kutter Pressure Washer Concentrate

Krud Kutter is a name that everyone from the automotive industry is probably familiar with. We picked this superstar cleaning product from their collection of deck and fence specialist cleaners for our selection. No matter how effectively it cleans wood, it does the same magic on your car or truck when incorporated with a pressure washer.

krud kutter

There aren’t many solutions made particularly for wood; but, Krud Kutter’s Deck and Fence Cleaner is an excellent choice for this natural and delicate material. You might think that mold, mildew, algae, and fungal growth indicate that it’s time to replace the entire body, but this product could be the answer.

Although this water-based cleaner is gentle, non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-abrasive, it nevertheless removes filth effectively and can even remove oily and greasy stains. Because a gallon of ready-to-use dishwashing solution requires around 12 fl oz, the 1-gallon bottle will last you a long time.


  • From cars, trucks to decks, fences, and patios are all good candidates for this product.
  • Mold, mildew, and fungus can be removed, yet it’s still a biodegradable and harmless substance.
  • Mild in nature, not harsh enough to fade away the paint.


  • Some users have complained about the washer not drying rapidly.

Mission Automotive Wash Concentrated Pressure Washer Car Wash Soap

It is an exceptionally effective pressure washer car soap with an 8oz Pressure concentration to use with standard pressure washers as well as other cleaning equipment like foam guns or cannons. The complete bottle can use up to 12 gallons of water.

Its safe and biodegradable quality ensures that you can use it on clear covers, gel coats, plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, and elastic. This pressure washer cleanser can easily clean multiple surfaces apart from your car’s exterior only.

mission automotive pressure washer car wash soap

Since the product launch, Mission Automotive serves profound vehicle cleaning solutions that work without leaving any residue. This exceptionally viable auto wash cleanser formula rapidly infiltrates the soil, grime, salt, and gunky to provide you with an expert-looking, spotless finish. In contrast to numerous different cheap quality pressure washer soaps available, this will not effectively leave a horrendous buildup.

To use this pressure washer car wash soap, simply pour 2 capfuls for each gallon of water or 1.5 capfuls for a foam gun. Prewash the vehicle with water and afterward apply a cleanser for vehicle washing with the pressure washer. Scour whenever required and flush it for a shimmering finish.


  • It won’t leave your rubber or glass filthy or discolored, and it may be used on any material used on a car.
  • Easy to use and comes in a reasonable quantity at a low price.
  • It doesn’t leave build-up.


  • It does not produce suds as compared to other cleansers.

AR Blue Clean Pressure Washer Detergent

AR car and truck detergent is designed with a non-toxic, non-corrosive formula, which ensures your vehicle’s shining look and good health. Yes, this pressure washer detergent for cars doesn’t fade or leave any build-up on your car’s surface.

The detergent comes in a container, and each one contains 34 oz (1/4 gallon). That means, at a 15:1 ratio, you can use each bottle to prepare 4 gallons of detergent by mixing water only.

ar annovi reverberi

AR Blue pressure washer detergent incorporates EDTA, aromatic chemicals (less than 5%), and anionic surfactant to ensure quality cleaning. Alongside that, nitriloacetic acid is also infused with a range of 5 to 15% in each bottle.

When you put it into the washer or a foaming gun, the pumps and seals remain completely safe, eliminating any chances of leakage.

Along with your car’s or truck’s outer body, you can also clean fiberglass and polished aluminum. Being 90% biodegradable, it doesn’t harm the plants in your backyard when you rinse your car with water. You can definitely choose this product if you want a seamless solution to equip with your pressure washer.


  • A robust cleaning solution made particularly for automobiles and trucks.
  • No damage technology to protect car paint and sealant.
  • Versatile can be used on various surfaces.


  • A few users couldn’t remove heavy grime and old deposit of dirt completely.

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How to Choose the Best Car Wash Soap for Pressure Washer

Even though a plethora of soaps are available on the market, getting the right product for your pressure washer and your vehicle’s dirty surfaces is not nearly as easy as it may seem. That’s why we decided to make this buying guide, where we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to choose the best car soap for pressure washers.

So, here are a few things you should consider when buying pressure washer soap for cars and trucks:

Suds Capacity

The more bubbles a cleanser gives, the less exertion you need to give to wash your vehicle. It is helpful to eliminate dirt, grease, and different foreign substances without any problem. The cleanser will be viewed as best in the event that it makes more bubbles.

The secret to successful cleaning that doesn’t require elbow grease is a soap or detergent that produces high-quality, thick suds.

One of the primary reasons to buy a pressure washer specialist product is that normal dish soap or detergent won’t produce nice suds when blasted at high pressures.

You don’t need to scrape your surface to eliminate filth with a pressure washer soap that generates a thick lather, resulting in a scratch-free vehicle, wheelbarrow, pool, and vinyl siding.

Concentrated or Diluted Formula

This is simple enough to understand. The concentrated formula comes in a concentrated form, and you have to mix it up on your own with water and make your soap.

On the other hand, the diluted formula comes in an already diluted form. So, all you have to do is open the cap and use it.

It’s all about convenience. If you think you cannot make the right mix of soap, get a diluted formula. If you want something affordable, go for concentrate.


It is essential that you use only trusted products on your brand. Sometimes, using a cheap product that wears out your color may cost you much more than you tried to save by buying a more affordable product.

Protection of the color of your car and truck should be your priority. There are various products available in the market which protect your car’s color from the sun, rain, or snow.

Then there are products, which can leave it brittle after washing. They clean thoroughly but lack the mildness of the cleaning agent which is required for a car. So, invest in a brand that protects your vehicle.

pH Level

pH level is not only crucial for buying baby soap or body wash. It is also equally important that you consider something mild for your car’s body.

A dilution of strong cleaning agents may be too acidic. The more acidic a formula, the higher its pH level.

Find a pH balanced or pH neutral wash soap for your car. The natural soap will do fine. A highly acidic formula will ruin the car’s paint. It is a deciding factor while choosing the best car wash soap.


No doubt that there are chemicals in pressure washer soap for cars. Their smell confirms it. Thus, it is often recommended to go for a natural product. While you are cleaning the car, you don’t want to surround yourself with a pungent smell.

This is one of the most important things to consider when buying car wash soap for pressure washers if you are sensitive to smell. It can cause sneezing fits or even worse problems.

Thus, choose a car wash soap with a mild scent that pleases your senses and does not conspire to destroy them.

Pet and Environment Friendly

When you are cleaning your car, it is definite that your pet will loiter around you. They love to see everything, and their curiosity level is always skyrocketing. Therefore, you must buy car washer soaps, which are pet and environment-friendly.

Animals are unaware of the danger the car washing soaps and detergent pose to them. And if you have a beautiful lawn and plants around, you know how disastrous it is for them to survive in a chemical-rich environment. Addition to these things, the water goes down the drain and affects aquatic life as well.

Be attentive and buy a product that is pet and eco-friendly and is biodegradable, and non-toxic. When choosing the best car wash soap, it should be one of your most significant considerations.

Ease of use

Everyone has a scarcity of time these days. You cannot spend an entire day pressure washing your car. It should be quick without having the hassle of mixing different products to prepare the suitable soap.

Open the cap, spray, and clean, that’s all. The best pressure washer soaps for cars are easy to use. Do not buy a product that requires the mixing of different supplies. A diluted product is the best.

Price Range

While it is true that nothing best comes at a low price, it is also true that a product need not be expensive because it is good. There are products available in the market which are too good to be true.

They do the washing well without causing a hole in your pocket. It is not wise to invest in a pressure washer car wash soap that does what others do but at a higher price.

Have a look at your budget and then search 12 top-rated and best pressure washer soap for cars and trucks, and you will find one that suits your needs.

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Best Pressure Washer Soap for Cars and Trucks [FAQs]:

All the products available in the market in online shops are sure to make you confused and bug your mind with questions. The most common questions people ask are the best car wash soap for pressure washers, how to choose the right car wash soap, what are the things to consider when buying pressure washer soap for cars and trucks, etc.

But, don’t worry, all your common questions have been answered right here:

Can You Use Dish Soap in a Pressure Washer?

No, do not use it. Leave it for chicken grease on the pan. It is not safe for your car to use dish soap. However, many people use it and do not complain.

But it is not ideal for a car wash as it may roughen the surface. It will clean the car, of course, but the after-effects will be harmful.

The reason why you should not use it is that it may not be as effective. And because it is not made for cars, it may clog and gum up the components.

So, if you continue to use it, it will harm your paint in the long run. I hope you get your answer to is dishwashing liquid is good for washing cars.

Can I Use Vinegar in My Pressure Washer?

If you are not using pressure washer soap for cars, you can use vinegar. It is a cleaning agent which is used for many purposes. In-home cleaning, it plays a crucial part. Also, it is a natural product.

Whether it is dirt, grime, or debris, you can use it without any worries. And not only for pressure washing, but it is also used to clean your foggy headlights and windshield. If you are afraid of chemicals harming your car, vinegar is your best solution.

For cleaning the car, go for white vinegar. Do not make it a habit, though. Use it occasionally, say if you run out of pressure washer soap for cars.

Can Pressure Washing Damage Car Paint?

Yes, if you do not take care of a few finer points. When your car’s paint is already chipping, using a higher PSI can damage it further and may pressure it to peel off further.

Also, it is essential that you remove any hard debris beforehand before using a pressure washer.

When combined with hard pressure, this debris can cause scratches on the car. Once your paint is scraped and water penetrates, it starts rusting, which isn’t good.

What is the Best Pressure Washer Soap for Cars and Trucks?

It is not as simple as putting your finger on any of the 12 top-rated and best pressure washer soap for cars and trucks. You must consider all the important factors while choosing one. This guide contains the best possible descriptions of the best products on the market. You can weigh their pros and cons, compare them and make your decision.

  • If you want a wash and wax, you can choose Karcher Car Wash and Wax Soap which comes with car wax. It is a concentrated formula that cleans, shines, and protects your car. Plus, it is biodegradable.
  • For your sensitive nose, Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II is best with its cherry scent. It is an extra foamy formula that easily removes dirt and grime.
  • If you want a multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser which can clean the kitchen, cars, trucks, and floors, go for Simple Green Pro HD Heavy-Duty Cleaner. It comes with a spray bottle, so it is easy to use.

You have a list of the 12 best car wash soaps for pressure washers to use in 2023. I hope it helps you in making the right decision.

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