How to Fix a Cracked Plastic Dashboard (5 Best Methods)

Dashboard cracks are pretty common, but they look ugly, isn’t it? And if this is the reason you are searching for how to fix a cracked plastic dashboard at home and want to know about the best glue or car dashboard crack repair kit, then you are at the right place.

When talking about cracked dashboards, the most probable reason why it gets cracked is due to exposure to heat and UV rays, in addition to improper maintenance. And by the time it comes to your notice, you already slip onto the verge of repairing cracked dashboards because then the “maintenance” won’t show any positive effect!

how to fix a cracked plastic dashboard
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We often neglect the small cracks on the car dashboard. But these small cracks, when they turn severe, may involve heavy fixing, or in worst cases, they may need a replacement also!

While most of us do not know how to repair cracked plastic dashboard, we generally seek auto mechanics to do the needful, which involves a lot of time and dollars to get back the original dashboard condition.

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In some instances, either lack of proper maintenance or over-exposure to adverse weather conditions cause the car dashboard to crack. And if you have come to this page searching for ways to repair dashboard cracks, then probably you have been facing such cracks on your car dashboard off late!

Though in severe conditions, we suggest replacement of the dashboard (that can be heavy on the pocket), there are still some methods that can help you save some bucks by allowing repair of your cracked dashboard. Go through the article to find out more….

Why Do Dashboards Crack?

The most common reasons why do dashboards crack are already mentioned above; heat and UV rays! In this section, we will discuss these causes and various other similar causes that lead to such dashboard cracks in detail.

So, if you are thinking, why is my dashboard cracking? Here are some of the most common answers:


The primary reason behind what causes cracks in dashboard has to be the heat that comes from outside in extremely high temperatures.

There are many places across the USA where the temperature levels during the summer go up by a greater extent, and hence, the heat that it creates directly affects the car dashboard. And the air conditioner or cooler that is switched on inside the car makes it worse!

So, just avoid driving in scorching weather or start parking the car under shades to help prevent this problem by a bit.

Car Crashes

Sometimes we fail to notice the internal damages in any car crash incidents and only find out how externally damaged it is!

Well, if we try to figure out what are the reasons that cause dashboard cracks, then we must know that car crashes can lead to dashboard cracking as well.

As much affected as the car’s exteriors become when it goes through an accident or crash, the interiors also suffer damages, and thus the dashboard also gets cracked sometimes!

UV Rays

Another common reason behind what causes a dashboard to crack would be the harmful UV rays. It is more like the heat from the sun that causes the dashboard to crack, but the only exception is that the harmful UV rays cause more severity than normal heat!

The ultraviolet radiation from the sun is extremely dangerous for all aspects of life and, in this case, the non-living car dashboard too! When exposed for too long, the UV rays can cause the dashboard to become brittle and dry, leading to unwanted cracks.


You may find solutions to how to fix a cracked plastic dashboard once it is cracked, but what if you can prevent it from happening in the first place?

Well, with proper maintenance of your car dashboard, the cracks can be prevented before it turns worse. And for that, you do not need much to do! Any kind of maintenance that is regular is helpful!

You can clean the dashboard with cleaners, keep away from sunlight as much as possible, choose not to drive in extreme weather conditions, and follow other such simple maintenance methods for better results!

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Is a Cracked Dashboard Dangerous?

There is a common tendency for car owners to neglect the small cracks on the car dashboard until it becomes very severe! But then a question pops up in our minds – Is it dangerous to drive with a cracked dashboard?

Supposedly, one of the most common problems with cracked dashboards is the uglier look! Apart from it, what are the other things that make the cracked dashboard dangerous?

how to repair cracked plastic dashboard

The cracked dashboards can interfere with the operation of the car’s airbags. Unless you try to repair dashboard cracks, they will continue triggering or snagging the airbags during their deployment.

Even if the airbags are deployed finely, the plastic shards of the cracked dashboards can act like dangerous projectiles, which can add to your woes, making it worse!

In general, car accidents are already a nightmare for all of us. And in addition to it, if we find out that our car airbags are not functioning properly, it can be more fatal! So, hopefully, the answer to the question- is a cracked dashboard dangerous, has now been cleared!

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How to Fix a Cracked Plastic Dashboard (5 Best Methods)

The main motive of you coming to this page is to know about the best methods on how to repair cracked dashboard, right? So, do not waste time and head straight to the following section to know more about the most effective and quick solutions to fix or repair the cracked dashboard of your car. Here we go:

Use the Dashboard Crack Repair Kit

If you are looking for the best methods as to how to fix a cracked plastic dashboard, then the first thing that you must abide by is using a dashboard crack repair kit. For every repair procedure, we all need some tools. Similarly, for repairing the cracked dashboard, we also need some tools that are present on the dashboard kits.

There are several such repair kits available in the market. But suppose you are looking for the best dashboard crack repair kit. In that case, you must go with either the J-B Weld Plastic Bonder Adhesive and Gap Filler or the Polyvance’s Mini-Weld Model 7 Airless Plastic Welder as these two are the best cracked-plastic dashboard repair kit available in the market right now!

j-b weld plastic bonder

These kits are incredibly user-friendly and possess all the important tools needed to repair cracked plastic dashboard. The items that you can expect inside these kits include welding rods, cleaning brush, welding tips, stainless steel reinforcing mesh, etc.

While the polyvance kit has more instruments, the J-B Weld consists of gap filler glue for dashboard repair. These are compatible across various surfaces and also less expensive than other similar contemporaries.

You can find all the necessary tools inside these kits that can also be used for other scratch repairing treatments which we shall discuss next.

Apply the Moldable Silicone Putty

Apart from the dashboard repair kits, you may also use moldable Silicone Putty to repair dashboard cracks. Wondering how? Well, the silicone putty works as an adhesive-like covering to the crack that not only shields the damage but also ensures the crack does not look ugly anymore!

The repair putty is formulated in a way that it bonds, fills, and seals the damaged area within minutes of its application. But it is advised that you keep it untouched for a few hours to get better results.

If you are looking for ways as to how to fix a cracked plastic dashboard at home, then this moldable Silicone Putty will help you immensely. And if you are searching for some good options, you can trust the Loctite Multi-Purpose Repair Putty and Sugru Moldable Multi-Purpose Glue as the best moldable silicone putty to fix a cracked plastic dashboard!

loctite all purpose repair putty

These are light on the pocket, easy to apply, and leave a long-lasting effect. Not only that, but you get varied options of color and material compatibility, which makes choosing it even easier.

Using these is the best way to repair cracked plastic dashboard as they are non-toxic, non-runny, durable, waterproof, heat and cold resistant, electrically insulating, and compatible across various surfaces.

Overall, you won’t regret fixing your cracked dashboard when you apply these moldable Silicone Putty to it.

Try Out the Silicone Caulking

We must admit that repairing cracked dashboards was not so easy before silicone caulking was invented! Genuinely speaking, silicone caulking is far better than the other methods used for repairing cracked plastic dashboards. It is an effective and durable method that car owners must use to repair the cracked dashboard in the comfort of their homes.

If you are looking for some easy application and good products to repair dashboard cracks, in that case, you can go with the Permatex Ultra Series Vinyl and Leather Repair Kit and Gorilla Paintable Silicone Sealant as these are the best silicone caulking sealant to repair dashboard cracks!

For the unversed, the silicone caulking sealants are applied on the cracks either directly or using electric heat iron to make pro-style repairs!

permatex vinyl and leather repair kit

The gorilla sealant can undoubtedly be called the best glue for cracked dashboard as it fixes the cracks instantly within 15-30 minutes and also safeguards the dashboard against mild and mildew in wet weather conditions.

Both of these are affordable, waterproof, durable, and effective sealants that help in repairing the dashboard cracks with ease and convenience.

Not only that, but you also get multiple pack size options to buy so that you can buy them according to the severity of the crack on your car’s dashboard. Nonetheless, this is indeed the best way to fix a cracked dashboard!

Use the Molded Dashboard Covers

Till now, you have learned about how to repair cracked plastic dashboard, but what if you want to prevent the cracks from happening further or want to just cover it for the time being? Well, it is possible when you use the molded dashboard covers over your car dashboard to protect them from further cracks or cover them instantly!

Prevention of the damage is always better than finding ways to repair it, and thus, using molded covers is a priceless alternative to such repairs! However, choosing the right cover for your dashboard is equally crucial to selecting the right cracked plastic dashboard repair kit! But why worry when we have got you covered?

dashskin molded dash cover

You can go for the DashSkin Molded Dash Cover and ECOTRIC Black Dash Cover as these two are the best-molded dashboard covers available in the market today that will help you cover the large cracks and holes in the car dashboard quickly and conveniently! These are easy to install, are made of high quality and precision, are long-lasting, and provide a lifetime warranty as well.

The best part is that these covers’ costs are almost similar to that of a car dashboard repair kit, and thus, you do not have to think of your expenses as well. No wonder this is a priceless alternative to fixing the crack and also preventing further cracks at the same time!

Replace Your Car Dashboard

Are you still looking for solutions as to how to fix a cracked dashboard? Well, all the viable solutions for fixing a crack are already mentioned above! And now, it’s time for some reality checks!

Unfortunately, when all these methods fail to show any positive outcome or the cracks are so severe that they cannot be mended by the DIY methods, then the last option that you are left with is taking it to the mechanic for a complete replacement of the dashboard.

Though the dashboard replacement cost is a bit more than applying the given methods, it is better to pull it off if the damage is heavy! If you are thinking about the average cost of replacing the car dashboard, you must know that it depends on the car model you are using!

The cost will undoubtedly go up if you are using the latest or expensive car model and vice versa! However, the sad part is that sometimes, for the old model or limited edition cars, figuring out what material to use for dash restoration becomes challenging.

On average, car owners can expect to pay anything between $1800 to $2500, including the labor charges, cost of the parts, etc.

Again, it can go up or down depending upon the car model you use, the mechanic you are choosing, where you stay, and several other such factors! So, hopefully, by now, it is clear to you how to fix a cracked plastic dashboard in 5 simple methods!

How to Repair Cracked Plastic Dashboard – Author’s View

Now that you have reached this part of the article, you probably have read how to fix a cracked plastic dashboard and the other relevant details about the same! The methods or steps to fix the dashboard crack mentioned above are helpful solutions to repair the cracks at the comfort of your home without having to take the car to the auto mechanic.

You can buy the dashboard crack repair kit on your own and fix the cracks all by yourself. But when it comes to replacing, you have to take help from the mechanic as it is a long and expensive procedure that needs expert intervention.

In this article, the 5 best ways to repair cracked plastic dashboard are explained, and you may be confused as to which one is the best amongst them! To make it easy, I have handpicked a few out of these that I would have preferred had my car dashboard cracked. These are

Nonetheless, according to my experience in the automotive world, these are the most popular and best way to fix a cracked dashboard. You must pick the one that best fits your requirement!

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