How to Permanently Restore Black Plastic Trim on Car

Almost all cars nowadays have a plastic trim coating to protect the original surface from scratches or dents. With time, it doesn’t remain the same. Even the most expensive or the best plastic trim fades or deforms when used for a longer period. And when it gets damaged way too much, you need to restore black trim on car so that it does not bring more harm to the original car surface!

If the trim has already faded (possibly why you are reading this article now), you must know how to permanently restore black plastic trim on the car surface! We will discuss this and other relevant details throughout this article! The reason for fading of the plastic trim can be many, which we shall discuss later on in this article, but if maintained well, it can last longer than usual. You need to be prominent with how you are using your car!

how to permanently restore black plastic trim
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Like if you drive your car regularly in very polluted areas or you park your car under sunlight very often, then the trim can get faded very soon! Restoring the black trim permanently may help you get back the lost shine of your car surface, but it is readily advised that you keep the maintenance in check while you restore black plastic trim on car so that you do not have to face a similar situation again! So, do not waste any more time; read the entire article now!

Why Does Black Plastic Trim on Cars Fade Over Time?

There are several reasons why does black plastic trim fade over time! Sometimes the reason is because of natural environmental factors, while sometimes, it is because of human negligence. The most prominent reasons for fading the plastic trim of the car are mentioned below. You will get a detailed idea of why it fades over time; just keep reading.

Harmful UV Rays

If you are a regular day driver, the chances of plastic trim fading increase due to continuous exposure to the sun. The harmful UV rays cause the plastic trim of the car to bleach because the color black absorbs more sunlight than the other colors. Thus, if you want to avoid faded black plastic car trim, you must be careful about parking your car under the sun or exposing it to direct sunlight.


If you do not use or clean your car regularly, then chances are high that mold and mildew formation would occur on the surface. They might not cause the fading directly, but they are responsible for degrading colorants and the protective coatings that lead to the fading.


The faded black plastic trim might also occur when oxygen gets mixed with heat and causes oxidation of the color paint that leads to the fading.

Road Contaminants

If you are still wondering why does black plastic trim on cars fade over time, then know that road contamination might also be the cause! Grit, salt, and other such corrosive elements on the road may cause the car’s plastic trim to fade sooner!

How to Permanently Restore Black Plastic Trim on Car

This is the most important section of this article. In this section, we will discuss the best way to restore exterior black plastic trim on a vehicle. And perhaps this is why you were here on this page! So, waste no more time and start reading to know the best method to restore the faded plastic trim of the car.

Use the Plastic Trim Restorer

This is the most effective and widely used method if you want to permanently restore plastic trim on your car surface! Using a plastic trim restorer ensures your car surface gets back the lost shine and remains protected for a longer period.

To apply this formula, you will need the best black trim restorer (some of which are mentioned below) and a microfiber towel. The application process is easier. If the car is not washed prior, it is recommended that you wash it before applying the plastic trim restorer product.

After washing the car properly, let it dry and be prepared for the process. Then, apply the best plastic restorer for cars through the entire faded plastic trim surface. It is recommended that you let it sit for at least 30 to 60 seconds before you rub it off to see the final look. These few seconds help in letting the molecules sink in deeply and bring a more glowing outcome.

After the application of the restorer, wipe off the surface with a clean microfiber towel so that any form of liquid accumulation doesn’t attract dust or other contaminants. And it’s done! However, if you over-spray the liquid or under-spray it, make sure you adjust the changes well. This is ideally the best way to restore black car trim!

Here are a few recommended products to check if you want to know how to permanently restore black plastic trim DIY. Check out:

Gtechniq – C4 Permanent Trim Restorer

The best way to restore black plastic trim is to use a plastic restorer. And the Gtechniq – C4 Permanent Trim Restorer is an absolute choice for all car lovers. It is an exceptionally optical clear film that adds a glossy finish to the surface. It can last up to 2 years which is a great property. Not only that, apart from the shine, it keeps the plastic trim protected from harmful substances for the longest time. It comes in two pack sizes and is very easy to apply. Though a bit pricey, it is definitely worth the hype!

Solution Finish Black Trim Restorer

To restore black trim on a car, you can also use the Solution Finish Black Trim Restorer. This is definitely one of the best restorers you can get on the market now. It is designed to restore black vinyl effectively. The pack includes a 12oz bottle that can be used for a few food times. It has a silicone-free and VOC-compliant formula that ensures it gives a new-like finish to the car’s plastic trim surface. It can restore a variety of plastic surfaces and has a quick and easy application procedure. It has a high price, but it is worth it! You can buy it for both protection and shine!

Black Wow

If you want to restore black plastic trim on car using the black wow plastic trim restorer, then it is a good choice! It has the ability to restore any color and not only black color. It has a rich and long-lasting appearance. It does not have any harmful dyes or colorants, so it’s perfectly safe to use. It comes in two size options and has an affordable price range that makes it an even better choice. Overall you can buy this product to restore the lost paint on your car’s surface.

CERAKOTE Ceramic Trim Coat Kit

If you are still thinking about what is the best product to restore black plastic trim, then your search might end here! The CERAKOTE Ceramic Trim Coat Kit is definitely the best plastic trim restorer you can find on the market today. It has a 2-year guarantee, so it’s definitely lasting longer, plus it does not get washed off easily, unlike other restorers. Not only that, it neither has a greasy finish nor gets faded easily. The entire kit might be a bit pricy, but the result it gives is worth the money you spend. Overall, this is a good plastic restorer to get for your car.

Restore the Trim with a Heat Gun (Not Recommended)

If you are thinking about how to permanently restore black plastic trim on car, then using a heat gun is another method you can look out for! For executing the process, you first need a heat gun of medium power (high power is not recommended). The heat gun draws the already present oil in the plastic trim to the surface, unlike other restorers that use restorative oils to fix the faded surface.

The best way to restore faded black plastic trim on the car surface using a heat gun is to keep it at medium-low temperature. The aim of using a heat gun is not to melt it but only to heat it to an extent where the plastics get hot as much as possible.

To restore car black plastic trim, a heat gun might be effective, but sadly it is not so long-lasting. Once the faded portion is heated slowly, the black color would return to its original form, but it may not be in effect for long.

The oil that lies beneath the plastic is restored in this process, and as no new restorer oil is used, the original oil may start fading out soon. So, you may have to reapply the method frequently to sustain results, which is why experts do not recommend it!

Repaint the Black Plastic Trim

If you are thinking about how to bring back black plastic car trim without applying the above two methods, then here is the third one! This is not a restoring method of the plastic, but it is about repainting the car exterior with black paint all over again! The black plastic trim fades over time, and even when a restorer is applied, the shine may last for a few months only. But when the surface is painted black, it will last pretty long!

But there is a catch! Choosing the right black color for the purpose is the difficult part of executing this process. There are ample colors that may look like black but won’t actually match your car’s black plastic trim color. Restoring black trim on car during the painting process is recommended only if you are able to choose the right black paint. Otherwise, it will look different than the original.

You need to clean the vehicle properly before applying the paint. Once the vehicle is cleaned, start spraying the paint through the surface. Please keep it for some time; the color will shine as new. So, if you have been thinking about how to bring back faded black plastic, repaint it again!

How Long Does Plastic Trim Restorer Last?

Do you often wonder how long does plastic trim restorer last? Does it bother you that you may need to reapply it frequently to keep the shine on? These worries are normal for any vehicle owner with plastic trim on their car. The longevity of the best black trim restorer depends on a number of factors.

It includes how well maintained your car is or what the condition of the climate is! In some cases, the plastic trim may last for just a few months only, while sometimes, the longest-lasting plastic trim restorer may be a few years too!

But on average, it is good if you reapply the restorer within a month or two to retain the lost shine of the black plastic trim of your car. However, the best black plastic trim restorer lasts really longer than others in the market, and that is why it is a tough task to choose the best black trim restorer and apply it prominently!

How to Keep Black Plastic Trim from Fading?

The plastic trim restorer will not only restore the lost shine of the trim but also ensure a protective layer is applied to it. But with time, this protective layer will also fade out, and hence the plastic trim may be exposed to fading again. So, what else can be done to add another protective layer to the black plastic trim?

Well, it is then that the black plastic trim protectant comes to our rescue! Apart from the plastic trim restorer, if you also use the plastic trim protectant, it becomes easier to protect the trim for a long time. Applying the car plastic protector will save you the cost and harassment of applying wax or other similar products as protectants.

Thus it is both a cost-effective and easy solution to apply a car plastic protectant to prevent further fading of the plastic trim. There are many protectants available in the market for protecting black plastic trim on cars, but if you are in search of the best, then here are some suggestions. You can buy the 303 Automotive Protectant and GYEON Trim when in confusion as to how to protect black plastic trim on car!

Both these products have an affordable price range, are easy to apply, and provide the perfect shine to your car’s black plastic trim. These protectants last longer and have a non-toxic rinse-free formula. All in all, if you wonder how to prevent black plastic trim from fading, then use a plastic trim protectant every time!

What is the Best Way to Restore Exterior Black Plastic Trim?

If you are here, you might have already read the whole article by now. And you also know how to make faded plastic look new with all the easy techniques mentioned here! With time, when the plastic trim of the car fades, it looks awful and needs to be treated soon to avoid further damage. As soon as you restore the plastic trim, it gets back to the new-like look again.

That is why it is important to restore the faded plastic trim as soon as you notice the damage. In the above sections, we have discussed the possible ways of plastic trim restoration in a car. All the best methods of how to permanently restore black plastic trim DIY have already been mentioned and discussed in detail. But it is not always possible to apply all the given methods, right?

So, I have picked one top-rated and widely used method that I found to be the most effective in restoring faded plastic trim in a car. That one method is using the Gtechniq – C4 Permanent Trim Restorer! This product has all the desired qualities to ensure your car gets a new-like look without having to do much! However, all the other methods and products mentioned in the article to restore black trim on car are also effective. You may choose the one that best suits your needs.

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