What to Do If Your Windshield Wipers Won’t Turn Off?

Are you frustrated because your windshield wipers won’t turn off when you don’t need them? If yes, don’t panic! We’ll show you how to fix windshield wipers that won’t turn off, including possible causes and solutions.

Have you ever noticed in horror movies that the windshield wipers won’t turn off because there is a ghostly atmosphere around the car? Well, it might be the case in reel life, but in reality, it is not the ghost that causes the continuous running of the windshield wiper of the vehicles.

And if the wiper doesn’t stop, even if there is no rain or fog outside, it might cause hindrance to the vision of the driver, which might also lead to unwanted accidents.

There are certain reasons why the windshield wiper won’t turn off, which we will discuss later in this article. But before that, we must know why the windshield wipers are such an integral part of any vehicle. Most car owners seldom think about windshield wipers as the need for using them is limited.

windshield wipers won't turn off
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You either use them during rain, snow, or foggy weather conditions. But it will be terrifying if the windshield wipers turn on by themselves and never stops after. These are one of the most neglected yet one of the most essential parts of the car that you should never take lightly.

And if you find out that the wipers are not working properly or have a certain malfunctioning, work on that immediately to prevent any further disturbances. Now, let us focus on how windshield wipers work, what would cause windshield wipers to not turn off, what to do if your windshield wipers won’t turn off, and other relevant details. Keep reading to know more.

How Do Windshield Wipers Work?

No wonder you have used windshield wipers several hundred times during bad weather conditions, but have you ever imagined how do windshield wipers work? Not really, right?

Because who bothers about its functioning when it delivers the required work efficiently? But for those who do not know, a windshield wiper is not just turning the switch and wiping the water; it has more to it than the eyes meet, and a lot goes behind when you turn the windshield wiper.

So, how do auto windshield wipers work?

A car’s windshield wipers are connected with a single lever and pulley system. When you turn on the wiper, the blades move together because of the lever. Although the timing and pattern of both wiper blades are different, they work in unison to promptly clean the water and ice from the windshield.

The rubber squeegee in the upper part of the blade moves back and forth, and there is a pivot point that also allows it to go up and down, making the cleaning process easier and more fulfilling. The mechanism is simple, but if there is a glitch, it can malfunction also. So, this was all about how auto wiper works on your cars!

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Why Won’t My Windshield Wipers Turn Off?

Undoubtedly, the windshield wipers are one of the most crucial components of any vehicle. They are specifically designed to keep your windshield clear during unsparing weather conditions, such as rain, sleet, snow, etc. However, sometimes, windshield wipers (sometimes one and sometimes both) can malfunction and fail to turn off, even when the weather has cleared up, and you don’t need them.

If you’ve ever been caught in a situation where your windshield wipers won’t turn off even after trying all the usual tricks, you know how frustrating and dangerous it can be. Isn’t it?

But don’t worry; there are several reasons why your car’s windshield wipers might not turn off. It can be due to a faulty switch, a malfunctioning relay, or a damaged motor.

Here, we have listed all the common causes of windshield wipers that won’t turn off and provided step-by-step instructions on how to diagnose and fix the issue of windshield wipers running when turned off. Here we go:

Faulty Relay

A faulty relay is one of the primary reasons why the windshield wipers won’t turn off. The relay is the internal electric switch mechanism, which is generally a small box placed under your car’s hood, along with other similar relays that control the vehicle’s electric components.

If there is any fault in the electrical relay switch, the wiper either shuts down entirely or keeps running unendingly; there is no in-between. But the silver lining to this problem is that you can always change the faulty relay to a new one with minimal costs.

So, if you wonder why won’t my windshield wipers turn off even when I don’t need them, consider a faulty relay to be one good reason!

Broken Windshield Wiper Control Switch

The stalk switch on the side of your steering wheel controls the turning on and off of the windshield wiper. It also has a few speed settings that help better clean the water according to your requirement. But the internal circuits of the switch are a bit complex.

When you use the switch quite often, it can lead to the failure of any such internal circuits, which is why the windshield wiper won’t turn off even if you try to turn it off using the stalk switch.

But changing the switch is not as easy as changing the electric relay as you have to remove part of the steering wheel to do that! No wonder, with an expert’s help, you will successfully pull it out!

Faulty Park Switch

Are you still wondering why do my windshield wipers come on by themselves? Well, consider this to be another significant reason! The faulty part switch is also responsible for continuously running the windshield wipers in your car.

The park switch is inside the motor that controls the movement of the wiper. For the unversed, this park switch controls the powering on and off of the wiper and governs the electricity that flows through the system.

And when the park switch malfunctions, it will draw no current, which will eventually send signals to the wipers to get turned on, and it will continue to run until the entire motor is replaced!

Bad Wiring

If you are breaking heads thinking why my windshield wipers won’t turn off, then stop worrying and read the next reason! Bad motor wiring or a loose connection of the wire can lead to such faults quite unanimously.

And the most challenging part about such faults is that it is not too easy to diagnose soon because you have to know how to look into the wiring system before drawing any conclusions.

But if there is a short circuit in the wiring or the connection is bad, you can easily fix it with a car mechanic’s help.

Fuse Malfunction

Before you move on to knowing what to do if your windshield wipers won’t turn off, know about this last reason that can cause such problems in your car windshield! Before you face a bad wiper motor, it is more likely that you will experience a blown-up fuse. It is more like a pre-warning before a wiper motor starts malfunctioning.

The fuse is considered to be the wiper motor’s weak spot; thus, before the problem starts in the motor, it has to go through the fuse first. And it is evident that if there is a problem with the fuse, it will eventually lead to the malfunction of the entire motor system causing the wipes to keep running automatically.

This mostly happens when the wiper motor is overloaded, so try to keep the load balanced while you use the motor frequently!

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What to Do If Your Windshield Wipers Won’t Turn Off?

It’s one of the most common problems many of us have experienced while driving our beloved car: the windshield wipers won’t turn off, no matter what we do. Isn’t it? Not only is it extremely frustrating, but it can also be dangerous, especially if you’re driving in heavy rain or snow. It can impair your visibility and distract you from the road.

If you’re also facing this issue, you shouldn’t worry too much now because there are several easy steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem and get your wipers working correctly again.

Here we have listed some of the most helpful solutions on what to do if your windshield wipers won’t turn off. So, just keep reading to ensure your safety on the road, even during the most challenging weather conditions.

If you notice that the windshield wipers won’t shut off in your car, first start by inspecting the wiper control switch and the park switch; as already mentioned above, a faulty switch can lead to a malfunctioning windshield wiper, and so if you notice there is a fault in it, you may need to change it, which can cost you $250 approximately.

what to do if your windshield wipers won't turn off

And if you still find out that the windshield wipers turn on by themselves, look out for relay and wiring issues. You must get help from a professional to conduct the inspection properly. If there is a problem with these parts, you must also replace them. The cost of replacement can be anywhere between $100 and $250 depending upon the brand you buy.

If after this also, you find out that the windshield wipers moving on their own, then there might be a problem with the motor system. And in such instances, you must replace the entire windshield wiper motor. It is not too costly to buy a windshield wiper motor individually, but the labor cost may go up depending on the type of services you opt for.

So, gradually, you have to keep a check on the significant parts and figure out which part is affected before you get to know how to fix windshield wipers that won’t turn off!

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Windshield Wipers?

If the windshield wipers do not stop even if you try all the methods mentioned above, it means you need to replace them to fix the issue. And so, you must be eager to know how much does it cost to replace a windshield wiper, right?

Like any other mechanical malfunction, the windshield wiper replacement cost depends on the brand and type of labour you are choosing for the replacement.

Certain high-end car models or trucks may need to pay more than the normal ones. To sum up the car’s windshield wiper replacement cost, you can expect to complete it within $50, which includes blade costs and labour costs.

The average wiper blades can range around $10-$40 per blade, and the labour cost can be approximately $25, depending on your chosen mechanic. Overall, if you have been thinking about how much does it cost to replace windshield wipers, you probably have an idea now!

How to Fix Windshield Wipers That Won’t Turn Off – Author’s View

Now that you have reached this part of the article, you have gained all the necessary knowledge about how windshield wipers work, why they don’t turn off, and how to stop windshield wipers from moving. There is detailed information about what to do if your windshield wipers won’t turn off, but do you think you can apply all the techniques at once? No, right?

So, you must pick the best amongst the best methods which can help you get rid of the unending wiping scenes on your car’s windshield. If you ask me how to fix windshield wipers that won’t turn off easily, then I would suggest using the following techniques to get rid of the same:

  • Check your wiper switch first, as it is the most frequently used part of the entire windshield wiper system.
  • Check the fuse, for it can blow out before the motor gets affected, so replacing it might make things go better quickly.

If I were to use certain techniques to follow when windshield wipers turn on by themselves, then I would have preferred to go with the given ones. However, all the techniques mentioned in the sections above are trustworthy and reliable and are able to produce the desired results.

It is your own choice to go by the ones that you feel are the most advantageous for controlling the running windshield wipers and being able to stop them.

Don’t let a faulty wiper system compromise your visibility and safety on the road. Follow the above-explained solutions to get your wipers back in working condition and ensure a safe and stress-free driving experience.

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