8 Easy and Best Temporary Fix for Broken Car Window

Are you worried about leaving your car unattended with a broken window? Learn the cost-effective temporary fix for broken car window using household items that will protect your vehicle and give you peace of mind.

We have often been in situations where our car window glasses might have broken.

It can be in the middle of the road while going to the office or just while washing your car in your home’s backyard; accidents can happen anytime that can break your car window glass inevitably.

However, sometimes temporary car window coverings might help you deal with the problem and get you safely to your destinations.

temporary fix for broken car window
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But if the glass breaking is complicated and does not work with temporary fixes, you may have to change the entire window glass or take it to the mechanic for repair!

Nonetheless, if you have come searching for the piece of the article, it is evident that you are looking for temporary solutions for covering a broken car window.

Don’t worry; we suggest the best way to quickly and temporarily cover a broken car window quickly and temporarily, which will help you deal with it for quite an extended period. In this article, we have discussed all the possible ways to fix your broken car window and other relevant details.

Go through the entire article and get the desired knowledge. Keep reading.

Essential Reasons to Cover Your Broken Car Window:

If you are thinking, why should you cover your broken car window, you are probably an alien! As weird as it may sound, covering up your broken car window is critical. And if you ask why, here are all the essential reasons why you should cover your broken car window. Take a look:

To Prevent Burglary

One of the most prominent reasons behind covering a broken car window is to prevent burglary! Whether your car is parked in your house or office, thieves always look for possible burglary opportunities.

And what’s better than the broken car window glass?

They can not only take things from inside the car but also manage to steal the car if they can get in somehow! So, covering the broken car window is necessary for your vehicle’s and your belongings’ safety!

To Keep the Car’s Appearance Intact

Who would like to compromise with the appearance of their vehicles? Nobody, right? And so, it is suggested to get the best temporary fix for broken car window to keep the appearance of the car intact!

You would not like to see your car with broken window glass, would you?

To Protect Passengers from Harsh Weather Conditions

If you have been thinking about how to temporarily fix a broken car window, then you must think carefully because it can protect the passengers from harsh weather conditions.

It may be snowing outside, or there can be plenty of rainfall or even scorching heat from which the car passengers may need protection. And if there is no window, then there is no protection! That’s why you must cover a broken window before driving out!

To Maintain the Safety of the Passengers Sitting Inside

Another very prominent reason why covering a broken car window is important is to maintain the safety of the passengers inside. The broken glass or any part of the cracked window might be dangerous for those inside, especially kids.

And so you must look up to cover the broken part of the window so that it does not hurt anyone.

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How to Cover a Broken Car Window in 4 Simple Steps

Before discussing the best temporary fixes for broken car windows, it is better to know how to temporarily fix a broken car window. In this section, we will discuss this in a step-by-step procedure. So, let’s not waste any more time and head straight to learn the step-by-step process for fixing a broken car glass window. Read along:

Step 1: Remove All the Glass Shards

The temporary fix for broken car window comes with a few processes to follow before putting on the actual coverings. And the first step includes cleansing the glass shards off the car window.

It is necessary to do this because if there are any glass shards on the window, sealing it with the coverings might be dangerous.

broken car window temporary fix

You must remove the glass shards with thick gloves so they do not penetrate your hand.

Collect all the pieces and put them in a thick paper bag, seal them, and throw them in the garbage can. You can also use a hammer to remove the additional pieces attached to the broken glass window.

Step 2: Clean the Window Frame Properly

The next step in the process is cleaning off the window frame properly.

In this step, you need to use a cloth or microfiber towel and wet it. Then use it to clean the window surface off any dust, debris, or other particles accumulated in the window glass pane while removing the glass shards.

This is a necessary process to follow while covering a broken car window because any dust or dirt in the window may also affect the sealing and make it uneven.

Step 3: Apply Masking Tape around the Window Frame

The best way to temporarily cover a broken car window is to put coverings on it. But before you do that, you must think that while you apply coverings, it may chip off the car’s original paint around the window pane or leave a sticky residue once you pull off the duct tape.

So, it is recommended that you apply masking tape around the car window frame to prevent all these from happening while you use the temporary coverings on the broken car window.

While many car owners normally skip this step, we suggest applying it to protect your car better!

Step 4: Attach the Temporary Window Coverings

Once you finish all three of the above steps, it is time you apply the actual coverings to fix your car’s broken window. And if you have been wondering what is the best temporary fix for broken car window, you must read the next section thoroughly!

We have explained all the best, quick, easy, and temporary solutions to your car’s broken glass problem. Check it out to get an extensive idea about the same!

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8 Best Temporary Fix for Broken Car Window

As discussed above, the best solution to fix your car’s broken window is to cover it temporarily. You will save time, money, and labor while you get your car window sealed easily and quickly. If you know these easy hacks, you do not need to rush to a mechanic to replace your car window seal or travel with a broken window seal.

So, let us not waste any more time and start discovering the best temporary window coverings for cars that will benefit you miraculously! Keep reading:

Use Transparent Duct Tape as a Window Cover

Duct tape is one of the best and most commonly used temporary car window coverings. It is highly efficient in fixing a broken car window class without much work. It is suggested that you buy clear duct tape and not coloured ones to get a better vision through your car’s side mirrors.

Also, as mentioned in the previous section, it is unquestionably recommended to put masking tape on your car’s window frame before applying the duct tape so that it does not become sticky on the sidewalls.

When it comes to choosing an affordable but reliable temporary fix for broken car window, we recommend using ultra-high-performance weather-resistant tapes like Gaffer Power Transparent Duct Tape. This clear duct tape is specifically designed for repairs, patching, sealing, mounting, and residential, commercial & industrial uses.

You can put one strip of duct tape at a time and keep overlapping it to fill the broken car window frame. It would be best if you kept in mind that there should not be any gap between the strips; otherwise, dust, dirt, or water can get inside the car easily.

For example, check out this video by Steve Kuykendall on how to cover a broken car window with duct tape:

Whether your car’s window is entirely crushed or half, this will inevitably work fine in shielding the cracks or the entire window frame! It is also very convenient to get and has an affordable price range.

Thus, if you are looking for an easily available temporary fix for shattered car windows, you can use transparent duct tape as a good solution!

Make Use of Plastic Wrap

Another practical and most useful temporary fix for broken car window is using plastic wrap. You can see it if you don’t like the duct tape solving the problem.

As duct tape can look awful compared to plastic wrap, many car owners prefer using the latter. Applying plastic wrap is the same as applying duct tape, except you do not need to cut the plastic wrap into small pieces. You can only tape the entire plastic on the window frame and the edges.

I have used the Big Tape Window Plastic Barrier Film to temporarily fix a broken car window, which worked like a charm for my vehicle. It’s a 17.5 inch wide waterproof plastic wrap (with no sticky residue), perfect for covering a broken car window.

temporary car window coverings
How to temporarily cover a broken car window with plastic wrap | Image credit: Bigtape

Always remember to tape the edge from the inside so that the outside appearance of the car is not compromised. These plastic wraps for broken windows also come in varied qualities and colours, which is why you must choose them, keeping in mind that at least it lasts until you can get a permanent fix for your broken car window.

So, choose a durable plastic wrap that can sustain longer than usual. Also, this is a cheaper solution for covering a broken car window that will not burn a large hole in your pocket!

We hope now you know precisely how to cover a broken car window with plastic wrap to prevent rain, snow, or wind from getting inside the car and to keep dirt, dust, and other debris from entering the vehicle through the broken window.

Use Car Mesh Window Shades

If you are wondering how to cover a car window that won’t roll up, here is a perfect solution. Use breathable mesh window shades for your rescue.

Unless you are switching on the AC in your car, rolling up the window will only lead to a humidifying and suffocating car inside that, of course, one can survive. And if you do not want your vehicle inside to be like a boiled oven, you must make way for the passage of air circulation.

And what’s better than using a window cloth mesh for the purpose?

The car mesh window shades will allow better air passage and will not make the passengers inside feel suffocated. These covers come in handy in the market and are available in very attractive colours.

Universal Car Window Shades, Side Window Shade for Car, Breathable Mesh Baby Car...

Nonetheless, if you still feel that you are not getting the type of mesh window shades you are looking for, or if you feel too lazy to go to the market to buy one, you can also make use of cloth pieces from your home and use them as car window mesh shades.

Breathable mesh car side window sun shades are an easy-to-fix car window temporary cover that you can tape on the sides and will be ready for use. And the readymade ones that are available in the market can be put in the window like socks.

Use the Reflectix Insulation

Reflectix insulation is the most common temporary fix for broken car rear windows. You may need to become more familiar with the term reflectix insulation.

Well, it is nothing alien! It is one of the most popular temporary solutions for broken rear windows that most auto exports suggest applying. Let us make it more clear to you.

A reflectix insulation is a custom-cut cardboard piece fitted to a car’s window with a reflectix material attached. The reflectix coat protects the cardboard from harsh weather conditions like rain, sunlight, etc., and prevents it from getting damaged.

It is one of the most valuable broken car window temporary fixes that people resort to when they want a durable solution until they get it permanently fixed!

reflectix insulation for car windows

The method of its application is straightforward. You need to cut the reflectix as per the size of the rear (or side) windows and tap the edges as you do for plastic wraps or other tapes, and you are done!

You must remember that you cannot see through the reflectix insulation for car windows from inside or outside. So, if you are covering your front windows, you must avoid using them!

Use Car Window Shades

Suppose you want to avoid finding the materials mentioned above from the outside and fixing your broken car window (which means if you are that lazy!), here is another excellent solution that will not give you the pain of finding coverings elsewhere!

Your car window shades will work as great coverings to serve the purpose. It is the best way to cover a broken car window because the item is already in your car, and you do not have to look elsewhere for it!

The car window shades generally lie on the car because it is not used most of the time. And you can use them temporarily if your car window glass gets broken.

car window shades

Fixing it is as easy as it can get! They already come with metal tabs that quickly get attached to the car window frame and lock themselves so that removing them is harder!

It is the best material to cover broken car windows if you do not want to compromise your car’s appearance. It looks like the car window is not broken, and you are just using the shades to cover it from sunlight or rain!

Apply Perforated Vinyl for Car Windows

If you are still wondering what to do if someone breaks your car window, here is a solution you will love to follow! Applying perforated vinyl for car windows will not only cover your broken window but also ensure your car does not look odd from the outside.

For those who don’t know what perforated vinyl is, it is a sheet or sticker with perforated patterns of holes punched in it. The best part of the vinyl sticker is that it is black on the inside and white on the outside.

perforated vinyl for car windows

It means that you can look out from the window and see everything outside, but no one from the outside can see what’s happening inside. Apart from that, it is easy to install and easily available as well.

You don’t need to do a lot of work to fix it! Just get the sticker from a nearby auto shop, peel off the vinyl sticker, and paste it on the broken window pane. And in case , if you want a custom fit perforated vinyl for car windows, you can get the one way window film day and night with basic wrapping tool kit as well.

one-way perforated vinyl privacy window film

The sticker will get placed on the car’s metal surface and come out slowly. Thus, if you were wondering what to use to cover a broken car window, you can use perforated vinyl as the best solution!

Use the Fabric and Magnets Combination

Another best temporary fix for broken car window is the fabrics and magnets combination. If you think it to be a weird solution, let us tell you, it is one of the most coveted solutions that many car owners kike to follow.

If you are tired of looking for cloth pieces for use as a mesh covering, try the magnets solutions. You don’t need to do much. Just find yourself a piece of cloth, fix hot glue magnets on the edges, and you are done!

Though finding magnets might give you a tough time, isn’t it common to have magnets at home, especially if you have kids around?

Depending upon your choice, you can place the magnet either on the external window panel surface or the internal metal surface. But it is suggested that you place them inside not to damage the car’s paint while pulling it off. When you place the magnets on the inside metal, it will not get damaged when you pull it off.

Using the fabric and magnets technique is considered the best way to temporarily fix a broken car window because you can easily fix it and bring it on whenever and however required; there is not much to do! It also allows ventilation inside the car and prevents dirt and debris from getting inside.

Use Clear Plastic Bags as a Quick Temporary Fix

Out of the 8 most helpful and best temporary fixes for broken car windows mentioned in the list, this one is the most feasible solution to the problem compared to all the others mentioned in the list!

A transparent plastic bag is as easily available as any other household item. You can easily get hold of a large clear trash bag in case there is an emergency when the window glass of the car breaks. And it is the most convenient solution to cover the broken window glass as it provides a quick temporary fix.

The large plastic recycling garbage bag not only covers your broken car glass window but also prevents dust, dirt, and debris from getting in, besides blocking rain and sunlight! Also, it is easy to fix and a very affordable solution!

The process of fixing it is simple! Get a clear transparent plastic bag, align it into the inner top corner of the car’s broken window frame, put masking tape around it, and attach the plastic to it using normal tape.

If possible, also create a seal around the entire window frame to prevent it from falling off! But there’s one negative point: it suffocates and prevents airflow inside your car! So, the next time you think about what to put over a broken car window, you have all your answers!

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Can You Drive with a Broken Car Window?

Leaving aside the debate of whether it is legal or illegal, driving with a broken car window is not recommended because it can harm passengers in many ways.

The outer weather or the inner damaged part can cause harm to the passengers. And the most important thing, if the pieces of broken window glass fall off on the road, it can also hurt other people on the road.

Sometimes, the broken window glass can also attract burglary and theft, which can affect the law and order of the place. If you ask whether driving with a broken side window is illegal, it might not be unlawful, but it can lead to illegal activities. That is why driving with broken car window glass is always discouraged.

As much as legal activities are concerned, the rules can differ in different states. You can be charged for driving with windows or windshields not having proper visibility or if they are not made of safety glasses. However, you already know what is the best temporary fix for broken car window, so why take chances?

It’s highly recommended, always fix your damaged car windows before taking your car out!

What is the Best Way to Temporarily Fix a Broken Car Window?

Reaching this part of the article means you have entirely read about broken car window temporary fix solutions. Sometimes life puts us in such situations where we need to look for temporary solutions for that moment and later go for permanent fixing.

In this case, your car’s window is put in question. The reason behind the breaking of car window glass can vary! Sometimes it may result from an accident, while sometimes, it can be an outcome of a six that a neighbourhood aspiring cricketer hits!

No matter what the reason is, it is your loss anyway! And instead of holding your head thinking someone broke my car window, what should I do? You must look for easy and quick temporary solutions to fix the damage!

In this guide, we have listed and clearly explained 8 most convenient ways to fix a broken car window! However, you cannot always choose to apply all at once, right? So, here is our expert suggestion that you can rely on. If I were to pick a few amongst the given methods, I would have preferred the following solutions:

In my opinion, these are the best temporary car window coverings that are easy to get and apply. However, all the other solutions mentioned here are also trustworthy, and you may choose the ones depending upon your choice and requirements!

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