How to Keep Windshield from Freezing While Driving (9 Ways)

As winter approaches, it is time to witness some major snowfalls across the USA. While it may seem romantic and beautiful for people staying at home or traveling through public transport services, for the ones who use private cars for driving regularly, the snowfall can be a bit too dangerous for them during this time.

Because the snow accumulation on the car windshield can hinder vision and cause accidents also, and so, people should focus on thinking as to how to keep windshield from freezing while driving!

Not only does the snow accumulate on the windshield glass, but at times it can become frozen too due to a sudden dip in the temperature! So, at times it becomes necessary to prevent ice on windshield to ensure the safety of the passengers in the car. Also, the piling up of the snow on the car windshield would severely harm the glass, and that would lead to some serious damages.

How to Keep Windshield from Freezing While Driving (9 Ways)
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But the fact is, most of us do not know how to keep windshield from icing up! We only look for solutions that end up wiping out the snow from the windshield glass rather than providing a feasible or permanent solution for its prevention. But now that you have come to this page, you do not have to worry! We have shortlisted a few significant ways of preventing windshields from freezing during chilly winters.

In this article, you will get to know all the relevant details related to how to keep your windshield from freezing apart from the 9 best methods to prevent the same! Keep reading to know more…

Why Does My Windshield Keep Freezing While Driving?

Most car owners focus on how to prevent ice on windshields rather than finding the reasons behind such occurring. When you know the reasons, it becomes easier to prevent anything from happening rather than trying to fix it, not knowing what causes it in the first place!

In this section, we will discuss what causes a car windshield to freeze. Let’s explore:

Snow and Sleet

A snowfall can cheer you up if you are at the comfort of your home, but when you need to drive out, it won’t really excite you much! When coming down too fast, the snow and sleet can get paired with poorly functioning car windshield wipers that, as a result, can lead to a frozen windshield super fast!

So, to keep windshield from freezing, you must have a suitable defrost liquid on your car windshield or at least have a properly functioning wiper!

Failing to Warm Up the Car

If you want to know how to keep windshield from freezing while driving, you must understand that failing to warm up the car can lead to significant frosting issues!

When your car windshield is warmed up properly before you start with your journey, it will lower the chance of freezing up the glass! So, do not hurry for work or party; warm up the vehicle properly, and then set out!

Too Much Humidity Inside the Car

Are you still questioning yourself- why does my windshield keep freezing while driving even if I warm it properly?

Well, another major cause behind such freezing of the windshield can be the humidity inside the vehicle. When you drive your vehicle at a temperature that is above freezing, the humidity and the moisture inside the car can lead to a frozen windshield screen too soon!

At What Temperature Does a Windshield Freeze?

Now, as we know that driving at a temperature that is above freezing point can lead to a frozen windshield, many of us may wonder precisely at what temperature does water freeze on the windshield?

It may vary according to places, like in some areas, and the ice can become frozen at sub-zero temperature, whereas in some places, it can get frozen at extremely low temperatures only.

But in general, the snow gets frozen at a temperature below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if you are wondering how cold does it have to be for windshield to freeze, then consider any temperature below 32 degrees Fahrenheit to be the cause behind it!

This happens because, in such less temperate weather, the metal and glass of the windshield lose the property to retain the heat and hence gives in to the coldness of the weather outside.

On a typical frost cycle that starts in the afternoon at about 45 degrees Fahrenheit temperature, the windshield gets heated and retains moisture throughout the day. It cannot retain the moisture at night, and water starts beading, causing it to freeze!

Thus, to stop ice from forming on windshield, you must warm up the vehicle heavily before setting off into the journey!

How to Keep Windshield from Freezing While Driving (9 Best Ways)

It is not easy to drive in winters, more so when the weather is freezing! The ice accumulation on the car windshield can make your vision unclear, and thus you can be prone to accidents. So, knowing how to prevent freezing of the windshield is recommended for tackling such situations.

Here, the 9 best ways to keep windshield from freezing while driving is mentioned. Please go through it and know the details entirely…

Pull Over the Car to a Safe Location

If you want to prevent ice on windshield, then the first thing that you must do is pull over the car to a safe location! Yes, as simple as it may sound, but it is, in fact, one of the most sought-after methods that help prevent ice formation on the car’s windshield during the chilly winters. So what does it mean to pull the vehicle to a safe location?

Well, a safe location refers to a place where you are out of danger. In short, if you are driving your car through a road where the windshield is getting frozen, you must pull aside your car and park it in a safe area and take time to defrost it so that you can start driving again.

In order to keep windshield from freezing, this step is extremely necessary as when you keep driving through the road that freezes the windshield, it may become more dangerous than you can think of!

The vision can be totally obstructed, leading to accidents and road havoc. You must pull over the car to a safe location, try defrosting methods, let the weather become fine, and then you must start driving again.

Turn Defrosters on High

No wonder you might be thinking about how to keep windshield from freezing while driving in chilly weather! Well, one easy and simple method to do so is turning on the car’s defrosters at high speed so that it warms up the windshield surface that in turn helps in melting the ice easily.

You can apply this method while driving and when you start noticing a minor accumulation of ice on the car windshield glass.

When the glass screen is heated, it will not only melt the accumulated ice but also help in preventing ice accumulation furthermore. You can also apply this method after pulling over your car in a safer location. There might be many ways to keep your windshield from freezing, but this one is the most straightforward and most accessible of all!

Turning on the defrosters as high as possible is recommended because matching up to the chilly climate might not be easier. And to prevent ice accumulation or facilitate melting of the accumulated ice, you must need a highly heated windshield glass. So, turning on the defrosters at high temperatures is another easy method that you must follow to prevent freezing of the windshield.

Scrape Off the Ice from the Windshield

This method certainly comes next after the car defrosters do the job. While we all know how to get ice off windshield using scrapers or tow, we do not try to imply this method easily as it requires us to get out of the car in the cold weather and do the job on our own.

Most of us would not prefer getting out of the car while on a drive to our office or on a trip, more so when the weather outside is chilly and cold, so much so that it is freezing the car windshield.

But if you want to stop ice from forming on windshield, you have to apply this method. When you are done with defrosting the car windshields by turning on the defrosters at high temperature after pulling the car to a safe place, you must step out of the car and scrape the ice present on the windshield so that it does not accumulate further, leading to a frozen windshield.

You can do it using a tow, which you must keep on your car at all times. It may take a little too much time, but you must not skip this step as it is necessary to scrape off the ice so that it does not get frozen again when the windshield becomes cold after some time.

Apply the Rubbing Alcohol Solution

If you are taking precautions as to how to keep windshield from freezing, then this step is also crucial. Applying rubbing alcohol solution on the surface of the windshield can help in easy defrosting of the ice. Not only that, but it also ensures that further freezing of the windshield is controlled too!

Many of you may wonder what is so significant about rubbing alcohol solution onto the car windshield to keep it from freezing. Most of us know that alcohol solutions do not get frozen even in very chilly weather conditions. This formula works for the rubbing alcohol solution as well.

The chemical composition of the alcoholic does not let the windshield get freezing easily, and thus, applying it is an excellent preventive measure during winters.

The other methods mentioned above may not always be effective or might be a bit tricky in certain conditions, but this is definitely a dependable method for keeping your car windshield de-frosted. So, if you are looking for what to put on your windshield to keep ice off, know that rubbing alcohol solution is your go-to product!

Turn On the Windshield Wipers

The next thing that you should worry about besides a freezing windshield is how to keep windshield wipers from freezing while driving! Well, many of us might have struggled with the fact that our car windshield wipers get frosted during chilly weather conditions.

And while defrosting the windshield may be easy, keeping the wipers from freezing might be a challenging task as those are delicate parts of the car.

When you are done examining or applying the methods mentioned above, you must focus on saving the wipers. And the best way to do it is to turn them on. It might not seem feasible for many, but it is a fact that when you keep the wipers running, they won’t get frozen quickly.

When in motion, they will wipe away the accumulated ice on the windshield and also remain in a dynamic position that is not too good for the ice to get frozen. Besides that, when the wiper is used on the windshield surface where rubbing alcohol solution is spread, it will keep polishing it and maintain de-frosting easily.

Thus, you must take care of the wipers besides knowing how to prevent ice from forming on windshield.

Use the Windshield Washer Fluid

Are you still wondering how to keep windshield from icing up? Well, consider this as a good option. When you are left with no more natural choices, you have to go the artificial way. And thus, using a windshield washer fluid to keep your car’s windshield from freezing is another suitable method to apply.

There are many such windshield washer fluids available on the market. Still, if you are looking for some good suggestions, you must go with the Prestone Deluxe Windshield Washer Fluid or Rain-X All-Season Windshield Washer Fluid as the best De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid available in the market today.

These are affordable yet effective solutions that won’t let the water bead onto your windshield glass which in turn will not let it get frozen too!

How to Keep Windshield from Freezing While Driving (9 Ways)

These have a long-lasting effect on the windshield to prevent ice formation during snowy weather. The best part about these washer fluids is that they come in optimum pack sizes that seem to be enough for multiple applications.

With easy to apply and long-lasting effects, these washer fluids are definitely worth buying if you are wondering how to prevent ice buildup on windshield while driving!

Use the Winter Wiper Blades for Snow and Ice

If you are looking for some advanced and modern solutions as to how to keep your windshield from freezing, then this one is your go-to method for sure! The Winter wiper blades act as a perfect shield for your vehicle’s wipers during snowfall! The wipers are more likely to get frozen during such snowy climatic conditions, and thus, keeping them from getting frozen is necessary.

While running the wiper blades continuously can prevent it from getting frozen instantaneously, it might not always work in the long run and in very low temperatures. So, how to keep your windshield wipers from freezing while driving?

Well, the wiper blades work in tackling these situations. The TRICO Ice Extreme Weather Winter Wiper Blades and Bosch Icon Wiper Blades are the best winter wiper blades for snowy climates.

They are affordable, come in varied sizes and colors, work across all types of vehicles, and are easy to install as well. These are robust and heavy gauge wiper blades that ensure your car’s original wiper blades remain safe even during sub-zero temperatures. They do not produce much noise and are very smooth on the windshield surface also.

Overall, this is undoubtedly the best way to prevent frost on windshield wipers.

Use the Heated Windshield Wipers

Are you still looking for solutions as to how to defrost windshield while driving? Well, this one is another feasible solution to achieve the same. Of course, we know how effective the windshield wipers are in preventing freezing of the windshield surface.

We have read about turning it on to prevent frosting, we have learned about using wiper blades for the same, now we shall look upon heated wipers to get better output during the freezing temperature conditions.

As the name suggests, a heated wiper means an alternative for the original wiper that runs on power and produces heat to clear off the accumulated ice on the windshield. And suppose you are looking for some excellent suggestions. In that case, you can definitely go for the Crystal Clear Heated Wiper Blades or Heated Silicone Safety Wiper, as these are the best-heated windshield wipers available in the market right now.

These are automatically heated when the temperature reaches a level where it can freeze the windshield. With features like LED power indicator, temperature precision sensor, universal fit, graphite coated squeegee, easy installation process, and affordable price, these are indeed the best alternative for preventing windshield freezing while driving.

Contact the Local Mechanic

If all the methods mentioned earlier fail to show any suitable solution, consider this last option in the list of the 9 best ways to keep windshield from freezing while driving- take the car to a mechanic! Yes, you read that right! No wonder how much we try to make things work on our own; the car mechanics are “experts” for a reason.

They know all the dos and don’ts when your car windshield gets frozen during driving in snowy climatic conditions. When you take the car to a mechanic, he would suggest ways to defrost the windshield in the best way possible. However, it might be a costly affair as compared to the DIY methods mentioned in the points above.

Also, for quick defrosting solutions, you might not always have the go-to products ready on your car, and thus, taking the vehicle to a local mechanic may help you get rid of the frozen condition quickly and easily! So, if you were looking for suggestions on how to keep windshield from freezing while driving in the winter season, now you know all the best methods to carry out the same!

How to Prevent Windshield from Freezing While Driving [FAQs]:

Now that you have gone through the best ways to keep your windshield from freezing, there might still be some related questions that you must be seeking an answer for! Like how much temperature is too much temperature to not drive a car or what is the use of wiper during freezing, etc.

To answer these doubts, let us peep into the following FAQs section:

What Temperature is Too Cold for Driving?

This is the most common question people have regarding windshield freezing- what temperature is too cold for driving a car in the winter?

It is suggested by most experts that any temperature below 35 degrees Fahrenheit can be dangerous for driving as usually water freezes below this temperature.

But you should check on your locality’s weather conditions before setting out for a drive as any temperature that seems to be warning you of a disaster, and you must compare it and ensure you take all necessary precautions to prevent a frozen windshield condition.

How to Keep Windshield Washer Fluid from Freezing?

Most car owners use a freeze resistant washer fluid to keep away the windshield from getting frozen during bad weather conditions. But is it totally safe for a car windshield to be treated with washer fluid and not get frozen?

No! Even if you use a windshield washer fluid to keep it de-frozen, when the temperatures shoot down by a vast number, it might just lead to the fluid getting frozen too!

So, to keep the windshield from getting frozen, you must use one that has anti-freezing properties. You must also look in for a warm place to park the car overnight or buy a fluid heater to keep it away from freezing!

Should You Put Windshield Wipers Up in Snow?

This is a very valid question that all of us have and must know the answer to as well- Should you keep your windshield wipers up during snow?

Frankly speaking, there is no direct answer to this question. There are some pros and cons against using wipers during snowfall, and you have to decide whether you want to put them on or not!

For the likes, it is argued that putting on the wipers can help clear the snow, they don’t get frozen, and the wipes do not get damaged as well. Whereas, against these arguments, some say that the springs and windshield glass can get damaged if you use the wiper.

Now, it is up to you to decide whether you want to put up the wipers or not!

How to Keep Your Windshield from Freezing While Driving – Author’s View

Most of you know that materials like glass, metal, etc., take very little time to cool down. Hence, during winters, as much as the car windshield gets heated up during the day under the sunlight, it can get frozen during the night heavily as well.

So, the people living in such areas must know the best way to keep frost off windshield so that they do not have to bear a frozen windshield in the morning when they take the car out for a driving session.

And as you have reached the end of the article, you have already gone through the 9 best possible ways to prevent windshield from frosting. But choosing the best few from the given list can still be challenging for you as all of them are effective in some way or the other.

If I were to choose a few from the list, I would have preferred to proceed with the following methods:

However, these are my preferred ways to prevent ice from forming on windshield. You must choose the one that best meets your requirements and gives you satisfying results for a cleaner windshield and safer driving experience!

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