How to Keep Things from Sliding Around in SUV (8 Ways)

Are you tired of your stuff sliding around in your SUV while driving? Learn how to keep things from sliding around in SUV with these most practical solutions.

If you are also an SUV owner like me, you know how convenient it is to have a spacious vehicle to carry multiple large items or travel with a group of people. However, one most common problems that all SUV owners often face is items sliding around during travel or while bringing groceries from the supermarket.

Whatever you keep in the seat, you will see them rolling around when you hit the brake, make a turn, or even simply move the vehicle. It is not only frustrating but also dangerous. Loose items can roll around, distract the driver and potentially cause major accidents.

how to keep things from sliding around in suv
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Luckily, there are some easy and affordable ways to keep things from sliding around in your SUV. From non-slip mats and tie-down straps to trunk cargo nets and foldable trunk organizers for SUVs, there are several practical tips and tricks to ensure a safe and stress-free journey.

Whether you’re transporting fragile and valuable items, groceries from different supermarkets, or large vintage furniture from a long distance, we have all the solutions that will work for you.

In this comprehensive guide on how to keep things from sliding around in SUV, we have listed some of the most feasible and affordable solutions to secure your belongings and keep them in place.

8 Best Ways Keep Things from Sliding Around in SUV

You can keep your items from rolling around your SUV in a lightweight basket. You can also use car organizer blocks that will help you keep your groceries or anything safe. Cars usually come with organizers by default, but they are not always enough for keeping food or any other necessity. You can install a cheap best trunk organizer for SUV to keep things around.

Additionally, there is an option to tie the bag of groceries (car trunk grocery bag holder) using a wire or cable. Moreover, keeping your items free and open on the passenger seat is not an appropriate solution in the first place. It would be best if you always looked to install a car trunk grocery bag holder where you can place your groceries or any item safely.

But today, we are going to show you multiple ways to help you keep your groceries safe and keep things from sliding around in your SUV. Some of these items might be available at your home, but if they don’t, you can check out the most widely used and most helpful product links we have provided with each solution to keep things from sliding around in SUV.

So without further ado, let’s get started and learn how to keep things from sliding around in SUV. Here we go:

Tie Down Straps

What is the best way to keep things from sliding around in an SUV? Tying-down straps are the best option. If there is a long strap on your car that has enough strength to carry a grocery bag, you won’t have to install an additional organizer.

The long strap should have hooks on both ends so that you can keep the grocery and lock the strap to a surface. You will have to find the appropriate position to install this thing, and the tie-down straps will take care of the rest of your items.

You can use the Keeper Trunk Tie-Down Strap, which can easily carry around 100-300 lbs. This reliable strap is 1 inch 3 feet long and perfect for the passenger seat. You can find it in grey or orange colour.

augo ratchet tie down straps

Alternatively, you can use AUGO Ratchet Tie Down Straps, which are also an excellent and best way to keep things from sliding in an SUV. It has a storage bag, can carry up to 2,200 lbs, and comes with S hooks. You can use this strap for your cars, bikes, and lawnmowers. There are 4 loops in Augo Ratchet, which come in rubber material. It is only available in blue color though.

Foldable Trunk Organizer for SUV

If you are on a trip with your family and SUV, a foldable trunk organizer will help you keep your food, cloth, beverages, etc., in place. Most of the time, these SUV trunk organizers for groceries are made of quality material. And they also come with great features like easy to carry, wear-resistant, robust, etc.

A folding car trunk organizer is also easy to install on your car. Among many foldable trunk organizers available on the market, we recommend the Tuff Viking Convertible Large Trunk Organizer. The Viking trunk organizer has 3 compartments and a leakproof cooler bag. It is long-lasting, robust, and durable. It is pretty fashionable to suit your SUV as well.

tuff viking convertible large trunk organizer

Another high-quality collapsible trunk organizer for groceries on SUV we recommend is SIMNIAM Car Trunk Organizer. This one is also foldable, supports outdoor activities, and comes in red color. This trunk organizer is large in size, which will be suitable for your whole family. It is resistant to dirt and water, making it possible to stay clear throughout the trip. You can also use it as a tie-down strap for your car.

All in all, a multi-compartment collapsible trunk organizer is an excellent investment for those who frequently transport smaller items in their SUV and want a stress-free solution on how to keep things from sliding around in SUV.

Trunk Cargo Net for SUV

Trunk cargo nets are helpful for organizing or storing groceries or anything inside your car. You might have noticed that, in most cases, cargo nets are used by truckers to transport items. These are some commonly used vehicle accessories because they allow you to ship small items through your SUV.

You can secure the items with a cargo net so they don’t move or get damaged while in transport. Quality cargo nets are well-stitched and come in a grid with multiple anchor points. People use them for transporting electronics as well.

linkcro trunk cargo net

There are different types of cargo nets for SUVs; one is a pickup truck cargo nets, one is cargo nets with mesh, and another is e-track cargo nets. You can use LINKCRO Trunk Cargo Net, designed especially for SUVs. It is made of high-quality polyester and comes with hooks for easy organization. There are multiple sizes to choose from depending on your requirements.

Alternatively, you can use Vemote Cargo Net for SUV, which is made of nylon and has hooks. This one is suitable for trucks as well. With this cargo net, you can organize groceries, food, emergency kits, and more.

Adhesive Velcro Strips

Adhesive strips can also be the best trunk organizer for SUV cars. A velcro trunk organizer or tape works as the traditional hook-loop fastener.

It has two strips of material pressed together; one strip has hooks, and the other strip has loops. When the two strips are pressed together, it provides a durable system for organizing items in the car. Velcro tapes are used everywhere and are one of the most common household items.

There are different types of Velcro strips that you might have heard about, and they can be used for more than 20 household uses. However, one thing you should know about this tape is that Velcro is not a product itself. Velcro is the company’s name, and they are the original manufacturer of these adhesive strips.

velcro brand heavy duty fasteners

VELCRO Brand Heavy Duty Fasteners are available with superior holding power for securing items indoors or outdoors. One pack of these professional-grade fasteners contains 8 sets of tapes that are ideal for extreme conditions and for items that require a little extra holding power. You can use these tapes to stick items inside your SUV.

Or you can use the Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners, which are also available on almost all online shopping sites for car accessories and come with 8 pieces of tape.

Plastic Container Boxes

Plastic container boxes are the most commonly used tool for organizations. You can use a plastic box to keep small items like dry foods or emergency kits. Plastic containers are our favourite because they are waterproof and also durable. You can keep anything inside of it, and it will not destroy your SUV.

You can carry them around during a trip or keep them in your house when you don’t hang out in your car. These boxes might already be available at your home. Or you can check out some of the recommendations we have found online, such as Sterilite Clear Storage Containers and Black & Yellow Tough Storage Containers.

Sterilite 120 is a multipurpose plastic container that comes with a tight-fitting lid. It has 12 pieces in one pack. The black and yellow storage container also looks suitable for multipurpose use. It comes with 4 pieces in one pack and is also durable.

Rectangular boxes are water-resistant and can hold up to 27 gallons of items. These multipurpose utility containers are great for storing heavy items such as camping tools and sporting materials.

Stayhold Trunk Organizer

Since you are looking for the most effective solutions on how to keep things from sliding around in SUVs, a stay-hold trunk organizer is the best option. This strong organizer will help you keep things in your car from falling or rolling over. You can use it for keeping groceries, toolsets, or anything.

You can also reposition this organizer as you want. This organizer will grip the surface as you place it so it doesn’t slide around while driving the car. There are multiple stay-hold trunk organizers available in different online stores for auto accessories, but you don’t have to do all the work to find the one you are looking for.

stayhold super pack car trunk organizer

You can check out the STAYHOLD Super Pack Car Trunk Organizer, which is quite popular and the best cargo and trunk organizer for SUVs. It is a versatile trunk organizer that can adapt to any item’s size and shape. You will get 7 pieces within one set, which comes in gray color.

This portable and adjustable stay-hold organizer can carry up to 2.2 pounds of items and is free-standing. You can carry large or small items in it.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are made of thick paper or heavy paper pulp that you can use to keep various products. These boxes are even used as containers and product packaging, and you can keep heavy items inside of them, such as clothes, stationery items, foods, beverages, etc.

Retailers mostly used these boxes to see products from one place to another. However, these boxes need to be carried with bubble wrap so that the product inside stays safe when you are shipping the item. But corrugated boxes are quite helpful for carrying small items when you are on a camping trip or going off to work.

idl packaging

There are 3 layers of corrugated boxes: there is an inside liner and an outside liner, and there is a medium that comes between the two liners. Corrugated boxes come in lightweight materials so that you can easily carry them around.

We have saved your effort and time in finding the best trunk organizer for SUVs. You can check out IDL Packaging or Aviditi Corrugated Box, which are specifically designed to fit clothing, books, household items, garage, basement, office supplies and other personal items for moving, shipping, storage, or small business packaging.

In case you are searching for an extremely affordable solution on how to stop things from sliding in the trunk, these corrugated cardboard boxes are the perfect choice. These boxes are made of quality paper, so you won’t have to worry about the safety of the products inside.

Bubble Wrap the Groceries

You won’t have to buy bubble wrap. You might have purchased something that had bubble wraps to protect the item from breakage. If you have bubble wraps at home, you can keep them for multiple uses.

Bubble wraps are air-filled bubbles in plastic wraps used for insulation and work as a barrier from external damage. You can use these wraps around any product or item, even groceries, to keep them from damage. Even if the product gets rolled off the seat, it stays fresh and undamaged.

offitecture bubble cushion wrap roll

You can use the Duck Brand Bubble Wrap Roll and Offitecture Bubble Cushion Wrap Roll as a lightweight and cost-effective shipping solution. These bubble wrap cushioning rolls are perfect for delicate and valuable items during packing, moving, mailing and storage. These wraps will protect items better and stop things from sliding in a van.

The Duck brand bubble wrap roll is 12 x 175′, and the offitecture bubble cushion roll is 12 Inches x 72 long. Even though these bubble wraps are less efficient than the best SUV trunk organizer for groceries, they still do the job. Moreover, you might not have to buy them at all if you already have them at home.

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How to Keep Things from Sliding Around in SUV [FAQs]:

We hope now you know precisely what are some of the best ways to keep things from sliding around in an SUV and how to ensure a safe and stress-free journey while travelling in your SUV.

Now let’s check out some of the most frequently asked questions and answers to help you keep your SUV organized and safe while on the road. Here we go:

Can I Use Bungee Cords to Secure Items in My SUV Cargo Area?

Usually, bungee cords are not recommended at all as they can easily break, and the hooks can scratch or damage the cargo area’s interior.

How Do I Secure Fragile Items While Driving in My SUV?

To secure fragile items while driving in your SUV, use bubble wrap and cardboard storage containers. These will keep your belongings in place and protect them from damage.

Can I Use Blankets or Towels to Prevent Items from Sliding Around in My SUV?

While blankets or towels may provide some cushioning, they are not effective in preventing items from sliding around. They can also create a safety hazard if they obstruct the driver’s view.

How Do I Pack My SUV Efficiently to Prevent Items from Sliding Around?

To pack your SUV efficiently and prevent items from sliding around, place larger and heavier items at the bottom. Use tie-downs or ratchet straps to secure them, then add lighter and smaller items on top.

Are There Any Safety Tips I Should Remember When Securing Items in My SUV?

Yes, always ensure your items are properly secured and not blocking your view while driving. Also, avoid overloading your SUV beyond its capacity, as this can affect your vehicle’s performance and safety.

How to Keep Things from Sliding Around in Trunk – Author’s View

Safety and convenience are the two most essential factors to keep things from sliding around in your SUV. By implementing the different types of solutions mentioned in this guide, such as using trunk cargo nets, foldable trunk organizers, tie-down straps, and adhesive velcro strips, you can easily secure your belongings and prevent them from causing distractions and accidents while driving.

In addition to using a high-quality and best trunk organizer for SUV or any vehicle, organizing your items in a systematic manner can save you a lot of time and effort in locating them when needed.

Plastic container boxes are easy to keep inside your SUV. Therefore, you will only have to spend a little money to install an organizer. These plastic containers might be available at your home, and you can carry them around effortlessly. Alternatively, you can use bubble wrap to wrap your items and carry them in the SUV.

They won’t roll off easily, and the content inside will remain safe even if they do. But if you are looking for a more sophisticated solution on how to keep things from sliding around in SUV problems, you can use a stay-hold trunk organizer.

These are exceptionally safe options for cars as they will remain in place even when you push the brake or move your vehicle. However, feel free to choose any solution we have given here based on your budget and convenience. And if we have forgotten to mention any effortless solution, don’t hesitate to mention them in the comment box below.

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