13 Best Tire Shine That Doesn’t Sling and My #1 Pick Is…

Have you heard of a tire shine that doesn’t sling? If yes, then this article will surely benefit you a lot in knowing more about them. But first, let us discuss why we need a tire shine for our cars.

When we take our car out, it’s evident that it will get dirty when we drive it on the road. And we probably cannot do anything about it! But as far as proper maintenance of the car tires is carried out, we can still expect the car tires to match the shine of the car body. But how?

best tire shine that doesn't sling
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When you use the high-quality and best tire shine products on your car’s tires, it keeps up with the original shine with a long-lasting effect. Most car owners spend a lot of time and dollars on making the car body shine. They wash, wax, polish, and maintain the car in a way that it looks clean and fresh most times. But the same is not done in the case of car tires.

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If you want a brand new look for your car, you must use a tire shine that doesn’t sling, and it will then match the body of the car as well. The tire shine doesn’t only make your car look clean, but these products are specially designed to darken the wall of the car tires and make it show-ready!

In this article, we will discuss more on car tire shine products and also get to know some of the best tire shine on the market available right now! Just Keep reading …

What is Tire Dressing or Tire Shine?

For those people who do not know what does tire dressing do, they must know that it is a chemical formula that is carried out to restore the black rubber of the tire, which eventually fades over time.

A tire shine product is applied right after washing the car tire and removing the dirt and grease from it. After its application, the tires get back to a new shine that inevitably changes the car’s overall look!

Apart from restoring the tire glossiness, there are other benefits of tire shine on tires also that includes:

  • Preventing cracking, fading, or hardening of the sidewalls of the tire.
  • Protecting the tires against harmful UV rays as wax and sealant do.
  • Helps in revitalizing the condition of the tire.
  • Further cleaning of the tire made easier.

Apart from these amazing benefits, it is also easy to apply and has biodegradable and environment-friendly properties. So, what is tire shine made of? These are basically water-based, petroleum-based, or SiO2 based products which you can pick depending upon your requirements.

One of the common questions that most car owners have is that should you use tire dressing and tire shine products? Well, yes, you must use them to keep your car tires protected from future wear and tears and to also restore the new-like shine to the rubber tires after using them for a longer period.

There are various tire dressing or tire shine products available in the market. You must choose the best tire shine that doesn’t sling as it lasts longer and is reliable at the same time. We will discuss such tire shine products in the next section. Keep exploring for knowing more!

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13 Best Tire Shine That Doesn’t Sling (Long Lasting Tire Shine)

When you care about auto detailing of your vehicle, there are a number of products that you can get on the market to carry out the procedure. And when it comes to making the car tires look new, there is no comparison to a tire shine. Thus, we have shortlisted a few such products that will help you in the cause.

Below is the list of the 13 best tire shine that doesn’t sling or splatter. Take a look at them to get the one that matches your need!

Chemical Guys VRP Super Shine Dressing

If you are looking for the best tire shine that doesn’t sling, then here is your best fit! The Chemical Guys VRP Super Shine Dressing is a product that ensures your tire shine doesn’t only last longer but goes easy on your pocket as well.

It has amazing properties through which it penetrates deep into the tire surface, and it goes well with rubber, plastic, and vinyl surfaces and ends up restoring the faded shine easily.

chemical guys vrp

One amazing property of this tire shine product is that it is not only confined to treating the car tires but can also be used on other auto parts that include the door panel, dashboards, grates, windshield cowls, rubber tire sidewalls, bumper trims, etc.

It has a non-greasy water-based formula that makes it achieve a dry and ready-to-touch surface instantly! Overall, this is the best tire dressing that won’t sling off and will eventually last longer as well.


  • Comes in 2 size options
  • Protects against fading
  • World-class customer support with advanced detailing knowledge
  • Affordable price range
  • Quick and easy application
  • Special UV blockers that act as a shield


  • Doesn’t last longer when in wet conditions

Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel

This is another good tire shine that doesn’t sling! Yes, the tire shine products that sling are not good enough to last longer or show effective results. But the Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel has properties far good than only not slinging!

It is made up of an advanced formula that protects the tires against adverse weather conditions like rain and snow!

meguiar's endurance tire gel

It has a rich gel application that ensures your car tire is shiny without you having to re-apply the coating or worrying about the runs or drips. It is considered the final and crucial part of detailing when you apply this tire gel coating to your car.

The deep black and shiny outcome that you get upon the application of this product on the car tires is what you will love the most! Overall, if you intend to buy the best tire dressing that doesn’t sling and last longer, then you can buy this one, no doubt!


  • Keep your tires new for a longer time period
  • Provides protection against UV rays and browning
  • Attain a high glossy shine with advanced polymers
  • Easy application
  • Manufacturer warranty available
  • Affordable price range


  • Not water-based
  • Do not endure well in rough weather conditions

CAR GUYS Tire Shine

This is one of the best tire shine products you will get on the market today. With easy to use applicator pad and long-lasting capabilities, you can be assured of getting the best shine on your tires when you are applying the CAR GUYS tire shine on them.

It has a non-greasy, dry-to-touch formula that is easy to apply also. Not only that, your car tire goes from a wet-looking high gloss shine to a silky smooth satin finish real soon when you apply this product.

car guys tire shine spray

It doesn’t sling off easily, and that is what makes it a good choice for restoring the faded shine on your car tires. Beyond these special features, you will also love this product for its long-lasting capabilities.

You can expect the car tire shine to stay for a minimum of 6 months to a year, even if you apply only one layer of the coating. With no browning, cracking, or fading, you can surely expect this to be the longest-lasting tire dressing product available in the market today.


  • Quality product made with the latest advancement in science
  • Reliable customer satisfaction
  • The applicator pad comes in with the package
  • Spray based product easy to apply
  • Provides protection against harmful UV rays


  • A bit pricey than usual

Carfidant Tire Shine Spray Kit

The Carfidant Tire Shine Spray Kit is definitely the best tire dressing to prevent dry rot and lasts longer than usual. Its unique nano polymer formula gives your car tires a slick, wet, and dark look that you would crave!

The applicator pad that comes with it makes its application easier and quicker. When you apply this to the car tires, you get protected shine and a longer coverage from cracks, browning, and other relevant tire damages.

carfidant car tire shine spray kit

Apart from these, it also protects your tires against harmful UV rays, and thus, you can be assured of 100% safety of your tires when you apply this awesome tire shine spray kit. One amazing property of this spray is that the shine that you need for your car tire is controllable

You can read out the instruction manual that comes with it and thus apply the spray as required. Overall, this is the best tire shine that won’t sling, last longer, and would give your car tires the shine that it needs!


  • 100% customer satisfaction with a full refund
  • Non-toxic environment-friendly formula
  • Non-greasy wet look with no sling
  • Protection against UV rays, grime, and salt


  • A bit costly than usual

Tire Kicker Extra Glossy Tire Shine

This amazing tire shine spray has all the qualities to be on the top of the list of the best tire shines available on the market today. It is one of the water-based tire dressings mentioned here that has the ability to give your car tires the shine that they need.

It is easy to apply, and the spray foam helps in the quick application as well. It uses refined gloss enhancers and plastic nourishers that penetrate deep into the tires and give them a new “lustrous” look that would easily make you feel fresh out of the showroom vibe.

chemical guys tire kicker extra glossy tire shine

The best part about this quality tire is that it can be applied across varied surfaces like rubber, vinyl, plastic, etc., and thus apart from the tires, you can use it on the car exterior and interior surface as well.

Overall, if you are looking for the best long lasting tire shine that would give your tires the shine that you are craving for, go for this one without any doubts!


  • The sprayable formula is easy to apply
  • Comes in 2 pack styles and three sizes
  • Extra glossy finish with a non-greasy and slimy outlook


  • A bit pricey than usual

Black Magic Tire Wet Gel

Are you still thinking about what is the best tire shine that doesn’t sling? Well, the Black Magic Tire Wet Gel is another tire shine product that you will definitely like!

Its advanced silicone formula not only lasts longer but also gives your tires a wet, black and glossy look that you would surely fall in love with! Your car will get a fresh out of the showroom look when this tire gel spray is applied to it.

black magic tire wet gel

Another significant property of this product is that it has a self-healing formula that fills in the small scuffs of the tires apart from filling the bigger scuffs. And when the small scuffs are filled well, the glossy shine is maintained for long!

It can be declared the best tire dressing that won’t sling off because it has a thick clinging formula that adheres to the tires, which lasts longer. Overall, you can rely on this for the better shine of your car tires.


  • Applicator sponge included with the pack
  • Lasts up to 8 weeks with superb weather and rinse-resistant formula
  • Advanced self-healing formula
  • Affordable price range


  • No better customer support
  • The applicator sponge quality is not good

Griot’s Garage Black Shine Tire and Trim Coating

If you’re looking for the best tire shine on the market, then you can go for this one! The Griot’s Garage Black Shine Tire and Trim Coating is undoubtedly one of the best tire shine products available in the market today.

It has qualities that would keep your car tires shining for a longer time period and prevent damages of all kinds as well. It is easy to apply and can be laid down quicker with a smooth finishing that comes with a glossy and dark appearance.

griot's garage tire shine

The car tires will look new once this black shine is applied to them. This product has excellent spray control and coverage so that you can apply it on your own without the help of a professional.

In short, if you are thinking about what tire dressing do dealers use to make tires shine, then know that this one would bring on a shine just like dealers do when you take your car to them but at the comfort of your home!


  • Comes in 2 style options
  • No running or streaking
  • Very affordable price range
  • Easy to apply


  • It might not last for too long
  • Slings off

Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Spray

If you are still searching for the best tire shine that doesn’t sling, then your search might end here! The Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Spray has the required properties to be on the list of the top-rated tire shine sprays available in the market.

It contains extra gloss enhancers that provide an intense and smooth shine to your car tires without having to do much.

extreme tire shine spray

It comes with a precision applicator that provides even shine without leaving any messiness behind. Not only does it provide shine to the tires, but it also prevents them from cracking, fading, and browning for a longer time against adverse weather conditions.

It is easy to apply in just one step and does not need professional intervention. Therefore, if you are looking for a no sling tire dressing that is easy to apply and provides the required amount of shine, go for this one without any doubt.


  • Comes in 2 pack size option
  • Has an affordable price range
  • The universal fit type means it can be used across all types of vehicle tires
  • No wiping needed


  • Does not last for too long
  • Poor spray pattern
  • Not for use on tires that have alloy wheels

Adam’s SiO2 Infused Tire Shine Plus

There are good tire shine products, and then there are the best tire shine products that most car owners would love to use for their cars. The Adam’s SiO2 Infused Tire Shine Plus is one such product.

It can be declared one of the best tire shine products because its advanced slimy silicones give your tires the lustrous dark shine that it needs to give you a new-like vibe. The shine definitely lasts longer without slinging off and has a non-greasy feature.

adam's tire shine

The SiO2 infused formula makes it long-lasting and provides a glossy appearance that you would appreciate anyway. One of the most amazing properties of this tire shine product is that it is perfect for large tread blocks!

No matter whether you have an SUV or a trick with heavier tires, the aggressive tread blocks can easily be filled with this product. So, if you are still thinking what is the best tire shine that doesn’t sling or splatter and goes down well in your pocket, you might well settle for this one!


  • Comes in 5 pack size options with a refill kit too
  • Affordable price range
  • Great customer satisfaction support from the manufacturer
  • Easy to apply


  • Has to apply multiple layers to achieve perfect wet tire look
  • It may not last for too long

303 Tire Coating and Protectant

This is another tire shine that doesn’t sling off easily. The 303 Tire coating and protectant provide superior UV protection of the tires apart from providing the extra glossy shine. It keeps the tire looking new for a longer period and gives you a new-like vibe every day.

Apart from these amazing properties, what attracts us more to this tire shine product is that it leaves a satin finish with a no greasy look that is ready to use quicker.

303 tire coating and protectant

It is easy to apply with the proper instruction manual provided with the pack and has a long-lasting formula that is generally not found in other similar products. It also prevents dry rot and provides a sling-free formula.

Overall, if you search for the best tire dressing to prevent dry rot and keep your tires shinier for a longer time period, this product will surely work!


  • Prevents fading and damage caused by UV rays
  • Prevents tire dry rot
  • Water-based sling free formula
  • Easy application with a matte finish
  • Affordable price range


  • Not capable of preventing tire browning
  • No good customer support satisfaction from the manufacturer

Mothers Back-to-Black Tire Shine

Most car owners prefer water based tire dressings as they provide the extra glossy and wet look that is needed for the car tires to shell out the fresh out of the showroom vibe for a longer period.

The Mothers Back-to-Black Tire Shine provides a high glossy appearance to the withered car tires with long-lasting effectiveness. It also works as a barrier to provide protection against harsh weather conditions and prevents the tire from fading, cracking, or browning in the long run.

mothers back to black tire shine

It also protects against harmful UV rays, and thus you expect it to last longer than usual. It ensures your car tires look darker and show a quality shine that matches your car’s external appearance as well.

Therefore, if you are looking for the longest lasting tire dressing that brings back the original black shine, this should be your go-to product.


  • Adjustable nozzles make application easier by reducing overspray
  • Comes in two-pack size options
  • Economical option with an affordable price range
  • Does not sling and lasts longer
  • High glossy appearance
  • Protective barrier against harmful UV rays


  • No good customer support
  • It might not last long in excessive usage conditions

Griot’s Garage Long Lasting Tire Dressing

Are you still wondering what is the best tire shine that doesn’t sling? Well, the Griot’s Garage Long-Lasting Tire Dressing does not only last longer but also has an amazing non-sling formula that helps in keeping up with the shiny appearance of your car tire easily.

It goes well with expensive car tires and provides a satin finish that is durable even in rough driving conditions. Not only that, apart from the rubber tire bases, it goes pretty well with the plastic surfaces too.

griot's garage long-lasting tire dressing

It has an advanced chemical formula that is made to last longer than usual in tough conditions. It provides a natural black look with a satin finish that would make your car feel new. It’s easy to apply, and a perfect shine can be achieved with 2-3 coatings.

It has non-greasy, non-oily, and non-slimy finishing that ensures the car tire is ready to use quickly. So, if you are looking for a tire shine that doesn’t splatter and lasts longer, this is the product that you must buy!


  • Good for dressing rubber bumpers also
  • Glossy satin finish with no sling formula
  • Easy application procedure with applicator pad
  • Long-lasting protection


  • Need to apply 2-3 coatings to achieve a perfect glossy shine
  • A bit overpriced than other contemporaries

Stoner More Shine Tire Finish

If you are continuing reading till now, no wonder you might still be thinking what is the best tire shine on the market right now? Last but not least, the Stoner More Shine Tire Finish is another good product on the list that you can rely on.

It restores the color and shine of the tire, making it look new-like. It also enhances the dark luster of the tire in the long run by preventing further degradation. The dark glossy, and shiny look of the car tire is maintained easily when you apply it properly.

stoner car care more shine tire finish

It provides a non-greasy and non-slimy look that makes the car ready to use quickly and straightforwardly. With 75 years of excellence, the manufacturer guarantees this is the best tire shine on the market that you would not regret buying.

It is simple to use, you just need to spray it on, and actually, that’s all it takes to bring on that sparkling shine on your car tires. Overall, this is another amazing tire shine product that you can rely on!


  • No sling and quick-drying formula
  • Protection against UV rays
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed


  • A bit pricey

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How Long Does Tire Shine Last?

Most car owners have the common question of how long does a tire shine last? Well, there cannot be a straight answer to this question! Depending upon your usage, it may last 2 days, a week, or a whole month. If you do not take your car out frequently, it may last more!

So apparently, the longevity of the car tire shine depends majorly on the usage of the vehicle and the product you are using on your car tires!

When you use the best tire shine products on your vehicle, it will last longer. However, the cheaper or bad-quality tire shine product may start to fade out sooner!

On average, a tire shine may last up to a year if all the conditions remain favorable. In short, you can expect a tire shine to last 6 months to a year, depending upon its usage and application.

Now comes the next question- how often should you use tire shine on your car tire to make it last longer! For best results, it is recommended that you use the tire shine very often, like in 3-6 months, to avoid any further deterioration.

Even though your car is sitting idle, it would still need the dressing. However, you must apply the coating depending upon the usage of the car. The best long-lasting tire shine can last up to a year so that you can re-apply in a year also!

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Does Tire Shine Cause Tires to Crack?

This is another very important question that most car owners have- does tire shine cause tires to crack? If you are looking for a short answer, it’s a NO! But if you want a detailed answer, it can be said that there are a lot of factors that decide this!

Unless you are applying the product in the wrong way or choosing a product that is not too effective, it will not end up cracking the tires. But when you choose the best tire shine that doesn’t sling and lasts longer too, you can expect a better condition of your car tires.

Also, the fact that how you are using your car decides a lot on the condition of your car tires.

If you are not maintaining your car tires properly, leaving them under the sun all day, not washing them frequently, driving in harsh weather conditions, and adhering to other such unfavorable conditions. In that case, the tire may still crack up even after you apply the tire shine.

But when you get the best tire dressing for UV protection and also maintain your car tires properly, you can expect the car tires to not crack up and remain in good condition for a longer period.

What is the Best Tire Shine That Doesn’t Sling?

Auto parts detailing is something that most car or truck owners do at least once or twice a month. There are varied detailing products available in the market today that are used to make the vehicles look shinier, cleaner and shell out a new vibe.

The water based tire dressings are also part of such car detailing products that give the car a whole new look without putting in much effort!

In this article, you have already read in detail about the best tire shine products and other relevant information about the same! But choosing the best from the list might be a tough task for you as all of them have impeccable qualities, and you certainly won’t buy them all!

If I were to pick a few amongst the given list, I would have preferred buying:

I found these top-rated tire shine spray and water based tire dressings to be among the best tire shine products mentioned in this article.

These are our top choices and the best tire dressing that doesn’t sling, lasts longer, provides protection against UV, and have a lot of other qualities to impress you. However, you must also check the other tire shine products on the market that car dealers use to keep tires black and shiny, and then select the one that best meets your requirements.

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