13 Best Motorcycle Ramps for Pickup Trucks on the Market

If you know how to load a motorcycle into a pickup truck by yourself safely, you might understand the true value of top-rated, heavy-duty, and best motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks. But when it comes to choosing the right motorcycle loading ramps for pickup trucks, most people feel skeptical and confused about their preferences. Isn’t it?

Motorcycles are usually for traveling, but sometimes motorcycles also need transportation or to carry from one place to another. The reason could be damaged, or need to repair some parts. Even sometimes, bikers want to drive motorcycles in some particular area and need to transport motorcycles there. Whereas people also receive the doorstep delivery of new motorcycles on pickup trucks.

The reasons could be any to transport the motorcycle to anywhere via trucks. But in all cases, motorcycle loading ramps or platforms are the essential tools to load motorcycles in trucks before transportation. Motorcycles are kind of heavy vehicles and need a durable and robust ramp for trucks. Indeed, you don’t want to involve any risk factor or damage while transportation in trucks.

motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks
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Although, while choosing the ramps for your truck, there are some factors to consider. That’s why, here we will address queries like what are the different type of motorcycle loading ramps for pickup trucks, what is the best motorcycle ramp for pickup truck on the market, what to look for in a best motorcycle ramp for pickup truck, and more.

So, get ready to learn about the best motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks available in the market. The list of best motorcycle loading ramps is hand picked based on durability and quality of ramps to ensure the safe pickup of motorcycles and prevent any damages.

Now without further ado, let’s get straight into the details of the need for ramps and best motorcycle ramps for pickup truck.

Why Do You Need a Motorcycle Ramp?

Motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks are usually made up of Aluminum or steel, and these Ramps are very durable in terms of stability and quality. The Ramps usually helped the rider or Motorcycle owner to load their Motorcycle in their truck for easy transportation.

If you have a Motorcycle or any bike you ride, you might need it to transport from one location to another for various purposes. At that point, a ramp to load motorcycles in trucks could be the ideal option to use.

Ramps don’t just help in loading bikes in trucks, but they are also durable enough to handle the heavyweight of vehicles and make the load and pick-up process less complicated.

According to the government mandate, Motorcycle ramps must support the weight of around 300kgs, including the individual handling the vehicle, wheelchair, or any other accessories. Although, it makes the Motorcycle ramps a more durable and safer product than any other electronic ramps.

However, the features that an excellent ramp to load motorcycles for pickup trucks are good ground clearance, durability in loading weight, covering the proper wheelbase, and finally, the gap between the two runners of the ramp.

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Types of Motorcycle Ramps for Pickup Trucks:

You might have encountered different types of motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks. Getting ready to purchase a ramp to load a motorcycle in a truck could be your ideal decision to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

However, before you start to buy a motorcycle ramp, it is essential that first, you understand the types of motorcycle loading ramps available in the market. Only then you will be able to choose the right product for yourself.

types of motorcycle ramp for pickup truck

So, now let’s take a quick look at the different options you might get while choosing the motorcycle ramp for a pickup truck. Although, every type of motorcycle ramp has its own configuration. Thus, you can choose accordingly based on your needs;

Single Runner Motorcycle Ramp

If you have a small Motorcycle like motocross, dirt bikes, and regular street bikes and cruisers, then Single Runner Ramp would be your foremost preference. The single runner ramps usually come with a single runner or slide, through which you can load your motorcycle. However, there is no space to set your feet down; you don’t simply ride the bike into the truck.

motorcycle ramp for truck

The Single Runner Ramp is easy to carry, as it is foldable and stowed. It is made up of Aluminum, so it doesn’t weigh heavy.

Bi-Fold Motorcycle Ramp

Bi-Fold Motorcycle ramp to load motorcycles in trucks is relatively steady and primarily used to load ATVs and off-road vehicles to your pickup truck. You can easily fold it with half its length in the shape of a Book.

These ramps are usually much wider, and lightweight made up of Aluminum. As the surface area of the Bi-fold Ramp is wide, you can easily walk up with your bike to the truck. There is a lot of space to set your feet.

motorcycle ramp for pickup truck

This type of Ramp usually holds a weight of up to 600kgs. It means you can also load your heavy bike and ATVs with a Bi-Fold Motorcycle ramp.

Tri-Fold Motorcycle Ramp

The Tri-fold Ramps are pretty easy to carry, as you can fold it in a compact half-length and stow it in your pickup truck. Tri-fold ramps are very wide and are used to load ATVs, Lawnmowers, Lawn tractors, dirt bikes, and heavy motorcycles easily.

best motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks

These are made up of high-quality iron or even Aluminum; thus have the capacity to load the weight around 800kgs. You can easily load your motorcycle or ATVs while riding on them, as it has sufficient surface area to set your feet.

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13 Best Motorcycle Ramps for Pickup Trucks on the Market

Now, if you get everything about the benefits of motorcycle ramps and different types of motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks. This is the time to look for one of the best motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks according to your requirement and budget.

Below, we have arranged the best pick list of top-rated and best motorcycle ramps for pickup truck that will definitely fulfill your need for a ramp on a daily basis;

Titan Ramps Aluminum Plate Top Ramp

Titan Ramp is one of the best motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks that come in 7.5 ft height with the durability of Aluminum. It has the capacity to load around 700kg of weight. Thus, you can quickly load your ATVs, dirt bikes, four-wheeler, lawnmower, and heavy motorcycles to the truck.

Titan ramps are pretty versatile to transport your motorcycles anywhere. Mid-size tires of ATVs, four-wheelers, could be easily loaded up, as the product comes with a unique curved shape design for the smooth loading process even with heavy bikes.

Moreover, it comes with safety straps that help to attach the ramp properly with the truck tailgate; thus, you can easily load your motorcycle or vehicle without any risk factor of damage due to ramp slip.

So, if you are looking for the best and durable with wide platform motorcycle Ramps, in that case, Titan Motorcycle Ramp for trucks can satisfy your need correctly and allow you to take vehicles wherever you plan to go.

Black Widow Bi-Fold ATV Ramp

The Black Widow IBF-9550 is specially designed with safety and heavy vehicle loading qualities. It can handle the weight of up to 700kgs, which allows you to load your ATVs, golf carts, dirt bikes, and motorcycles safely.

It comes with serrated rungs to offer the highest traction while loading the vehicles. The Blac Widow Ramp is around 7.11 ft in length & 50 meters wide. It additionally has three durable and heavy-duty hinges that assist in folding the ramp to half of its size. The ramp has rubber fingers on booth slides to prevent scratches on the floor, truck, and tailgate.

It could be the best motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks on the market; with this 41-pound Bi-Fold Motorcycle ramp, you can securely move the vehicle from low place to high place, to trucks, or in a warehouse as well.

Yutrax Single Folding Motorcycle Loading Ramp

Yutrax is an aluminum-based silver color Motorcycle Ramp. It is usually designed to load motorcycles and other bikes. As it has the dimensions of 12 X 89, and with the weight of just 17kgs. Thus, you can easily fold it and transport, carry or keep it anywhere in a truck, garage safely.

Yutrax Single Ramp is specially made to load motorcycles in trucks, as it has a single runner that can support around 340kgs. In short, if you are more with your bike while traveling somewhere, Yutrax Single Folding Ramp would be your best choice.

However, you can’t use it for heavy vehicles like ATVs, Lawn Mowers, etc. Even for loading up the motorcycle, you have to slide the bike manually while placing feet on extension support, as a single runner doesn’t have space to set feet while riding on the bike.

Additionally, it comes with a rubber coating tab to offer a strong grip on the surface without scratches. Adjustable safety straps are also there to ensure the ramp doesn’t slip while loading vehicles. Overall, Yutrax Single folding Ramp is sturdy and durable for Motorcycle loading only and with a 1-year manufacturing warranty.

Black Widow Tri-Fold ATV Ramp with Punch Plate

Black Widow Tri-Fold is a heavy-duty folding Aluminium ramp with an extra-wide tri-fold option. It has dimensions of 6.5ft in length and 54inches in width. Unlike other ramps, it is designed with a Punch plate surface to offer the maximum grip of the vehicle’s tires on runners while loading. Apart from it, the punch plates also provide extra durability with Aluminium construction, and environmental conditions don’t affect it.

Black Widow tri-Fold ramps can support up to 700 Kgs, thus allowing you to load vehicles like dirt bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, lawn mowers, and lawn tractors. It has rubber-coated fingers to provide a strong grip, and it wouldn’t scratch the surface of the truck’s tailgate.

Its Tri-Fold design helps to fold to its one-third of the length, which provides feasibility to carry and store anywhere. It also has two safety straps to properly attach the ramp with the truck’s tailgate to ensure safety while loading vehicles.

This is the ramp for those people who are looking to invest in an excellent product to load up heavy vehicles from ATVs to motorcycles as well.

Black Widow Single Runner Motorcycle Ramp

Black Widow Single Runner is the best motorcycle ramp for trucks in loading and uploading the motorcycles and dirt bikes as well. This ramp is both durable and can support large loads up to 350 Kgs. It has a finger-style lip along with a vibrating surface. It’s dimensions are 89 X 11.3 X 2.75 inches.

It is entirely made up of Aluminium, thus offering extra strength to carry and transport anywhere along with you. Its rubber-coated attachment points ensure the maximum grip on the ground and tailgate without scratches. You can easily move and load your motorcycle on its dome-shaped design.

As it has quite a wide surface to just load your motorcycle while riding on it and can easily set feet on the surface. For loading motorcycles, dirt bikes, and street bikes, Black Widow Single Runner AFL-9012 is an ideal product to choose.

Clevr Folding Arched Aluminum Truck Ramps

The Clever folding ramp is an aluminum-based truck ramp with high durable strength. It has the capacity to support around 750Kgs or weight easily. Hence, you can quickly load or unload vehicles like ATVs, UTVs. Motorcycles, dirt bikes, and other four-wheelers lawn mowers.

Talking about dimensions, it has 90 X 11 X 4 inches of Area and weighs around 15kgs. Clever folding Ramps have two runners with 7.5ft of length that are sturdy and durable from environmental protection. Both runners allow better clearance and make a smooth loading experience even for heavy vehicles.

However, it has sharp edges on cut-offs. Thus, make sure to wear gloves while operating and placing them. Make sure to place something underneath before the ramps to avoid scratches. It is well designed with safety straps and rubber tipper features for protection.

Step Ramp Motorcycle Ramp with Integrated Steps

Step Ramp Motorcycle Ramp is one of the amazing motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks. It is made of Aluminium and can hold up to 300 kgs of weight along with an individual. This product is unique from others, as, Unlike other products, it comes with an integrated step or stairs ramp along with runners separately.

Thus, with integrated steps, you can easily load and unload your Motorcycle, dirt bike while setting your feet on stairs. The best-integrated yet straightforward design makes it easy for individuals to load vehicles alone without any risk of collapsing.

It only weighs around 15kgs and comes with side handles to transport and carry anywhere in trucks. You can fold it easily as well. It also has raised tire guide edges to provide protection and a sturdy platform. It could be the best motorcycle ramp for trucks for people who want durable, easy-to-use ramps for their motorcycles and dirt bikes. However, you can’t load four-wheelers with this ramp.

Titan Ramps Truck Loading Ramp

Titan Ramps are specially designed for better clearance while loading motorcycles in trucks. It is made of Aluminium and holds up to 750 Kgs of weight with the capacity to load ATVs. The Titan Ramps features a 120 inches length, 17.25 inches width, and when folded, it remains 60 inches in length.

It offers great traction with serrated crossbars. It comes with safety traps that offer sturdy platforms while loading the vehicles for better security. Titan is the best motorcycle ramp for pickup truck has flexible and foldable 4-beam design. It is lightweight and easy to transport. The wide design makes you comfortably transfer your vehicle.

The wide platform of the ramp allows you to load vehicles like Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, lawn mowers, and lawn tractors as well.

Black Widow Heavy-Duty Folding 3-Piece Motorcycle Ramp

Black Widow Heavy-Duty Ramp is another durable, lightweight aluminum ramp. With the support of 750 Kgs of weight, you can effortlessly load or unload the ATVs, UTVs, Motorcycles, dirt bikes, lawn mowers, or lawn tractors as well.

This ramp comes with serrated rungs that offer maximum traction while loading the motorcycle. Moreover, it is measured as 10 inches length X 38 inches width. However, you can fold it in half size into three pieces and can store it anywhere or carry it along with you.

You would also get the two safety straps to secure the vehicle from damage to the runner.

Black Widow Aluminum Arched Folding Motorcycle Ramp

Black Widow Arched ramp is a 7.5 feet long motorcycle ramp that comes with an arched folding method. It makes the loading and unloading of motorcycles very smooth. It is measured as 7.5 length X 11.25 width and can support weight up to 750Kgs. Thus, you can smoothly load heavy Motorcycles like dirt bikes and street bikes as well.

Additionally, it consists of serrated rungs for maximum traction in muddy, rainy, or surface covered in snow. You can smoothly load your bike with this ramp no matter what the weather is outside. It also has two adjustable safety straps that ensure the vehicle’s loading safety on runners.

Black Widow Arched folding Ramp also comes with a rubber covering from both ends to offer a sturdy position on the tailgate, and it also prevents scratches on the ground and truck.

Just make sure to load your Motorcycle while placing your feet on extra extension, as the surface area of the runner is not wide; it could only cover the Bike’s wheel area.

CARGOSMART Hybrid S-Curve Centerfold Ramp

Unlike other motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks, Cargosmart Hybrid S-curve is quite different in shape and design. It comes with an S-shaped design to make the load and unload part even more secure and smooth. You don’t have to struggle with directions while loading.

Cargosmart Hybrid ramps can hold up to 350 Kgs of weight on the ramp; thus, you can comfortably load heavy motorcycles, including dirt bikes and standard street bikes as well. It measures 12 inches wide and 90 inches in length, and you can easily fold it into half of its size and store or carry it anywhere easily.

It features a sturdy and robust design and is made with Aluminium to offer long-lasting durability of the product. It also has safety straps to provide maximum protection to vehicles on runners.

Black Widow Punch Plate Tri-Fold ATV Ramp

Black Widow Punch Plate ramp is an ideal option for people who own heavy four-wheelers and motorcycles. It is made of Aluminium and can hold up to 750 Kgs weight. This ramp comes with a punch plate surface to offer maximum traction while loading vehicles, regardless of environmental conditions.

Moreover, it features the plate style connecting lip with down safety tie-down straps to offer the smooth loading of the vehicle and leave no scratch. The dimension of this ramp is 93 X 53.5 X 2 Inches.

Its wide surface allows you to load vehicles like ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes, lawn mowers, lawn tractors, and other lawn four-wheelers. It weighs around 34kgs and could be folded in half of its length, thus making it easy to keep in the garage and carry anywhere along with you.

Titan Truck Loading Ramps for Motorcycles

Titan truck loading ramp is one of the best motorcycle loading systems for pickup trucks for those who are looking for sturdy and durable for the long term. It is a pair of two ramps, best for motorcycles and four-wheelers. It can support weights around 600 Kgs; thus, you can effortlessly load heavy vehicles like ATVs, lawn mowers, motorcycles, and dirt bikes.

It is made of Aluminium and provides solid and long-lasting usage. The dimensions are 94inches in length and 11.25 inches in width. However, after folding, it becomes around 48.5 X 11.25 inches. With 114kgs of weight, you can easily carry and store this ramp anywhere.

Its design allows perfect clearness while loading and unloading. It also comes with serrate crossbars for traction to give smooth loading even in different environmental conditions. The safety straps are available to secure heavy vehicles and cargo.

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How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Ramp for Pickup Truck

One of the concerns is to load or unload the motorcycle or an ATV on a high suspension pickup truck or a trailer. The higher the load-bed, the harder it will be to get the vehicle there.

The risk is not over yet, even if you have a low-suspension pickup vehicle. It would be best if you did not forget the danger and damage risk associated with the ramps – slip, fall, and accident. Therefore, choosing the right motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks is important.

motorcycle loading ramps for pickup trucks

The ramps must-have features, such as hi-traction, width surface, rubber grip for anti-slippery, Aluminum built for lightweight, edge protection, adjustable mechanism, etc.

However, today you will get to know some essential things to consider when buying a motorcycle ramp for a pickup truck;

Weight Capacity

Choosing the right motorcycle ramp for a pickup truck, considering the weight capacity, is the essential aspect to look at. However, if you inspect, later that ramp does not hold the heavyweight vehicles would be late. As it motorcycle could collapse during loading or unloading it.

To check the weight capacity, first, check the weight of your motorcycle or the vehicle you will choose to load in the truck. After that, you can quickly check the weight capacity online or on a manual guide with the product.

In short, if you only have a motorcycle or dirt bike to load, then choosing a ramp with a capacity of around 350kgs would be suitable. However, in the case of ATVs, UTVs, lawn mowers, or lawn tractors, you must choose at least or above 750kgs of the capacity ramp.

Width of the Ramp

Another important aspect is the width of the ramp to load motorcycle in truck. Here, we need to understand the reality. Often, you drive the motorbike or the car to lift it on the pickup truck. On the other hand, you simply push or drag it to the ramp to load it.

In both scenarios, you will need ramps with a maximum width. However, in case of a less wide surface of the ramp could do the vehicle to collapse or damage.

A ramp with a broad base ensures a solid grip on the tires and the tailgate. The tires do not slip and get the maximum surface to rotate and adjust. It is even necessary when you unload the cargo in the rainy season. Make sure you can comfortably set your feet on the ramp’s surface while loading or unloading.


The second important factor to look at before buying ramps is the height of the ramp. You can decide what height of ramp you require based on two things; the bed height of the truck’s tailgate and the length of the motorcycle you want to load.

Just make sure to buy enough ramp height, not too short, as it could be dangerous while loading or unloading the vehicle. Moreover, The length of the motorcycle and the ground clearance are also essential.

Remember that the ramp must cover the motorcycle entirely and give a sturdy platform to load it effortlessly. The bottom of the Motorcycle wouldn’t hit the ramp during loading.

Connecting Joints

Ramps usually include a few connection joint parts. Thus, these joints are crucial to provide smooth loading of the motorcycle. These joints also prevent ramps from slipping.

Mainly you would get a rubberized end and fingers of the ramp to both ends. Rubber fingers provide a solid grip to ramp on the surface and truck’s tailgate. It also prevents any scratches on grounds and trucks while placing ramps.

Additionally, there are metal plates on the ramps. These offer durability to ramp and offer long-lasting usability. Yet, these metal plates could leave scratches and damages while loading.

Ramp Surface

Another important point of how to choose the motorcycle loading ramps for pickup trucks is the Ramp surface. There is no second opinion that the ramp surface must be wide and well gripped, and Hi-traction surfaces ensure you or your vehicle do not fall from above. There are three types of surface designs in the market: solid, serrated, and ladder rung.

The serrated surface offers a strong grip on the surface, as it contains some holes and teeth-like patterns. Whereas ladder rungs contain tiny holes and prevent motorcycles from slipping. The holes should be big, as it could make the surface slippery to set feet.

Remember, the surface must be wide enough to set your feet easily along with the motorcycle. Many companies have introduced anti-vibration ramp surfaces to facilitate the ramp surface.

Material and Construction

It is the foremost thing to check while buying motorcycle ramps. If the manufacturing quality is not good, how can you expect more?

In the market, you can find mainly Aluminum and iron ramps. Iron ramps are heavier (ensures better grip), cheaper, and offer good load capacity. The downside is that they are not easy to transport, prone to slip, cheap quality steel, and are prone to rust.

On the other hand, aluminum ramps are easy to transport, easy to fold, lightweight, and come with comfortable pads for better safety and grip. Moreover, Aluminum is more durable and long-lasting in usability and offers an incredible load capacity.

Aluminum also protects the ramp from environmental damages, and the aluminum surface offers better hi-traction. Thus, choose the material of construction wisely while buying ramps.


It is a small yet another essential aspect to choose in Ramps. If you are loading your vehicle from one point, you must unload them to another, and thus, you need to carry ramps along with you in trucks.

What makes your job easier is, the ramps are lightweight and easy to fold. Thus, you can easily carry and place them in a truck’s trailer. There are various folding designs of Ramps available in the market, so choose accordingly with your requirement, and that is easy to carry. This functionality of the ramp will also save you time.

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Best Motorcycle Loading Ramps for Pickup Trucks [FAQs]:

Now you are well-informed with everything you need to know about the motorcycle loading systems for pickup trucks such as; benefits of motorcycle ramps, types of ramp to load motorcycle in truck, what is the best motorcycle ramp for pickup truck, and things to consider when buying a motorcycle ramp for pickup truck, etc.

However, if you are looking for some additional information related to motorcycle ramp for truck then you should check out these most frequently asked questions and answers. Here we go:

How Long Should a Motorcycle Ramp Be for Pickup Truck?

People often think, how long should a motorcycle ramp be? While purchasing it. Well, the ramp’s stability mainly depends upon the length of the ramp. Thus, you should buy a motorcycle ramp at least longer than the size of your motorcycle. As it will offer better clearance while load and unload.

In the case of a short ramp, it would be difficult to load the motorcycle, as the ramp’s angle will be steeper. Thus, having a long ramp will offer more stability and safety to the vehicle. The longer ramps have less incline angle and need less force to hold the bike on the ramp while loading. In this case, the size always matters.

How to Load a Motorcycle into a Truck Without a Ramp?

Without a ramp, you might think about how to load a motorcycle on a truck solo. Yet, there is no substitute for ramps. However, you have to find natural or artificial ramps to load a motorcycle without a ramp. Especially in hilly areas, you could easily find a natural ramp that could help in the loading process. However, man-made ramps could be found at loading docks, or driveway ramps could be useful to load or unload motorcycles.

Although, you can also do the heavy lifting to load a motorcycle onto a truck. Just like the squat exercise, keep your back straight to avoid injury and lift the bike on your shoulders. Before placing the motorcycle, make sure to turn the handlebars to the left, grab the right handle, lift it up, and place it on the truck’s surface.

However, this process could result in personal injury or danger to motorcycles. So, only perform it in case of emergency without a ramp.

Can You Use an ATV Ramp for Loading Motorcycle in Truck?

Yes, you can use the ATV ramp to load motorcycles in trucks. Most of the ATV ramps are made to support the heavy weight of ATVs and can easily handle the motorcycle as well. Moreover, the ATV ramps are made with a wider surface to provide maximum surface area to four wheels while loading. Hence, these features could easily favor the decision of ATV ramps for loading motorcycles in trucks.

What is the Best Motorcycle Ramp for Pickup Truck?

In the end, Now you must have a basic idea about the best motorcycle loading ramps for pickup trucks and things to consider when buying a motorcycle ramp for pickup truck. Every Motorcycle ramp has its own features and good points based on construction and usability.

It is recommended to consider the given aspects before buying any motorcycle ramp. Carefully check your requirements in terms of vehicle weight, length, and type of vehicles you have. A wise investment in a motorcycle ramp could save you time during the loading and unloading process and give you the freedom to transport your bikes anywhere you want on pickup trucks.

Thus, apart from all other motorcycle loading systems for pickup trucks, the Black Widows Punch Plate Tri-fold ATV Ramp and Clever Folding Arched Aluminium Truck Ramps are the most reliable and best motorcycle loading ramps for pickup trucks on the market right now. You can easily use these top-rated, heavy-duty folding aluminum ramps for your motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and other four-wheeler lawn vehicles.

These ramps easily support more than 750 Kgs of weight and offer smooth clearance. However, Yutrax Single Folding Motorcycle Loading Ramp and Black Widow Single Runner ramp are perfect if you want just for Motorcycle and bikes to load and unload.

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