8 Best Hidden GPS Tracker for Cars and Trucks in 2023

Countless high-tech vehicle tracking devices and varieties of affordable, user-friendly, and best hidden GPS tracker for cars and trucks have set their way into the market, from tracking a vehicle to using it for various security purposes.

It has become a necessity for some people to track their cars or pickup trucks on a real-time basis and make it theft-proof. Thus, using a GPS tracker is a smart move and a worthy investment. But it would be best if you learned a few aspects before you purchase one. Stay glued.

8 Best Hidden GPS Tracker for Cars and Trucks in 2023
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GPS or Global positioning system is an advanced technology, which allows people to have an exact location for their vehicle while staying away from it. Using a GPS tracker for a car really offers a sense of relief in the hectic routine.

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Moreover, installing a GPS tracker on your car would help you easily track if your family member or friend is driving it. Thus, a GPS tracker would be beneficial in numerous ways.

Overall, you can consider a GPS tracker as an essential part of safety for vehicles. Although, if you are looking to buy a GPS tracker for your vehicle from various products available in the market and yet are confused about which to invest in.

Then you are at the right place; this content will guide you with the best hidden GPS tracker for cars, and how does a GPS tracker work on a car? And every essential detail that will help you to choose the best product.

What is GPS Tracking and How Does it Work?

If you are new to the vehicle tracking system and wondering what is GPS tracking and how does a GPS tracking system work then it can be understood in this way; a GPS tracker is a portable device that permits individuals to track their trucks and cars. This unique portable device is the smartest and cheapest way to GPS track a car and find out the current location.

With the GPS, one can track the real-time location or trip history of a vehicle, along with all the diagnostic information on the device like a smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Apart from it, a hidden GPS tracking device for car also helps you check the vehicle’s current speed and a geofence feature that will alert you if a car drives out from the specified path or area.

The best hidden GPS tracker for cars will determine and give the location by utilizing a series of network satellites. The GPS tracker picks the location from more than three satellites from GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and gets accurate details regarding the vehicle’s longitude, latitude, and time.

Initially, the GPS tracker is installed on a car and powered via onboard switches like cigarette lighter ports, media player sockets, or direct to the battery. Further, the collected information from the GPS tracker is sent to the mobile application that enables the person to analyze the data accurately.

Mainly GPS trackers work in two ways, active tracking and passive tracking. The software empowers the active tracker GPS to offer real-time location data with the global positioning system. Whereas the passive tracker GPS is typically installed on vehicles, and a person can check the location history later.

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Why Use a Hidden GPS Tracking Device for Cars or Trucks?

Now, if you have gotten to know how to track a car secretly and the functioning of a GPS tracker in providing you with the required information about the vehicle’s location, there are numerous benefits of using a hidden GPS tracking device for cars, as you can’t even think now.

Here are some amazing benefits of a hidden GPS tracker for cars that would help you choose one for yourself.

Check Vehicle’s Real-Time Location

One of the primary advantages of GPS tracking devices is to give you the real-time location of the vehicle. There could be numerous situations when you need to immediately check your car or truck’s location.

For instance, when you can’t find your car in the parking, or unfortunately your car is missing from the parking spot, using a GPS tracker would help you get your vehicle’s accurate location.

Track Your Kid’s Driving

Parents usually worry about their kids when they insist on driving alone. Lack of driving experience or driving fast could be dangerous for teens and vehicles. Thus, it could be one of the reasons why you need the best hidden GPS tracker for a car, as it assists the parents in tracking their teens’ driving behaviors.

GPS will inform if they drive fast, drive out of the specific area, or come home late.

Recover Your Stolen Vehicle

A thief doesn’t know about the installed GPS tracker on your vehicle. Hence, if somehow your vehicle gets stolen and you don’t have any clue to find it.

A GPS tracker will provide you with the location history or either the real-time location of the vehicle, so you can reach it on time and recover it.

Monitoring Trip Details

Apart from other security concerns, a GPS tracking device would also help monitor the trip details along with the time, date, and distance covered. Moreover, you can also check the statistics of potential driving habits like rapid acceleration, unusual driving, or harsh braking during a trip.

Diagnosing The Vehicle

Not only the location details or driving habits, but a best hidden GPS tracker for car can also help diagnose the vehicle.

Numerous advanced GPS trackers are coming with features that assist in examining the health of vehicles and will give a reminder for time to time maintenance. You can also be alerted during severe issues while driving.

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8 Best Hidden GPS Tracker for Cars and Trucks in 2023

After understanding the GPS tracker for cars and how it works, this gadget must have impressed you with its unique features. The benefits of using a hidden GPS tracker for cars could be life saviors in some situations.

Although, you must have thought about buying a high-quality and durable hidden GPS tracking device to track vehicle location. Right? Well, for your easement, below we have arranged the list of the 8 best hidden GPS trackers for cars and trucks on the market right now.

All these devices are picked while considering all essential features (compact device size, long-lasting battery backup, installation ease, instant alerts options, and affordable subscription plans). Here we go:

Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker Bundle

Suppose you are looking to install a GPS tracker secretly on the vehicle or want to track your teen’s or elders’ driving patterns. The Optimus 2.0 has a compact design around 3 inches in dimension. The company provides a neodymium magnet case to quickly place it anywhere under the car.

This is one of its types of magnetic suit that will be permanent once attached, which makes it the ideal secret tracking device for cars. Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker has a rechargeable battery that gives backup up to two weeks with full usage.

optimus 2.0 gps tracker

It has an optimized application for Android and iOS; thus, you can use it on your phone to get real-time driving data and alerts. Optimus is a waterproof tracker with a sturdy design for any driving habit.

It comes with an SOS alert feature in case of road assistance. Its software will keep you updated every 5 minutes, and you can set instant alerts via SMS or emails. All these features are included in two monthly subscription plans.


  • It has a unique SOS feature.
  • Easy to hide or carry.
  • It is waterproof.


  • Users reported slow tracking response.

Bouncie – GPS Car Tracker (No Activation Fees)

Bouncie could be your most significant relief gadget, especially if your teen just started driving and you are worried about it. It comes in a handy and portable design with 1.75 x 1.87 x 1-inch dimensions. Hence, you can install this GPS tracker on your car via any OBD2 fuse box; thus, it works without any battery.

This GPS tracker for car can provide you with the driving diagnostic such as an issue with the vehicle or engine. Further, it has a geo-zones feature that notifies you when the vehicle leaves or is still standing in a specific zone.

bouncie gps car tracker

Bouncie GPS will update you with real-time location with its mobile application by depicting the colorful paths and driving habit details. You will get a straightway alert in case of any misshapen or accident with the vehicle.

Moreover, the company offers on-road assistance in issues like a flat tire, fuel or battery problems, and specific engine problems. Overall, it could be an ideal wireless GPS tracker for cars with all the essential features that an ordinary person looks for.


  • It runs without a battery.
  • The company offer roadside assistance.
  • It offers the vehicle’s detailed diagnostic info.


  • You have to pay a monthly fee.

TrackmateGPS Dash T11 4G/LTE Tracker for Vehicles

Trackmate GPS has a 4G/LTE connection service that will keep you updated every minute about the vehicle. Thus, it would be an ideal choice for recovering lost vehicles, tracking teens, or drivers. If you have a rental vehicle, install this GPS tracker and rapidly check the real-time driving information.

Moreover, you can lock/unlock the doors and can also switch the engine off remotely. Trackmate comes with batteries that could last up to 6 hours. You can easily install applications on mobile and track the location history, alerts, and print or email the information for the record.


It is pretty handy and portable, with dimensions of 3.9 x 3.6 x 1.25 inches. Additionally, it also provides 24/7 roadside assistance in case of engine malfunction, fuel, or battery issues. TrackmateGPS is the cheapest way to GPS track a car with its five different affordable plans.


  • It has a remote managing option.
  • Set multiple accounts for alerts and info.
  • You can check one year of driving history.


  • The user’s find plans to be costly.

GPSit Vehicle Asset GPS Tracking Device (No Monthly Fee)

Suppose you have a car fleet business or typically want to track trip details for a personal vehicle. GPSit GPS tracking device and its mobile app are the best real-time GPS tracker for car no monthly fee. It is also an affordable device, as you don’t have to pay monthly payments and the company offers a 1-year warranty.

GPSit allows you to track the real-time driving data directly via Google maps for more accuracy. Apart from it, you can also track the current speed and distance traveled by vehicle quickly.


If you are watching your teen or family elders, this GPS will update you with nearly accurate data every 5 seconds. You can install it easily just with three wire connections, and this tamper-resistant vehicle tracking device also prevents anyone from disconnecting it easily.

Moreover, it has the most long-lasting battery backup of up to 90 days and can work on the car’s battery too. It has a low power mode function that helps with long battery life, and you can keep tracking the vehicle’s location without any issue.


  • It has a 3-axis accelerometer.
  • It has advanced power management.
  • Provide all type info on fingertips.


  • You might have to face subscription issues.
  • Plans are quite expensive.

PrimeTracking Pro GPS Tracker

If you are a person who wants to make your vehicle theft safe or want to give some freedom to teens to drive but worry about their driving skills. PrimeTracking Personal GPS Tracker is ultimately designed to provide accurate live locations of vehicles. It has integrated batteries with a backup of 2.5 hours.

It utilizes a 4G network connection. Thus you can receive the driving data and vehicle information quickly when requested. It has a mobile app with geofence alerts; therefore, you will be alerted when a vehicle moves out from the specified area.

Moreover, Prime Tracking GPS Tracker also has SOS options and provides roadside assistance in various emergencies. You can install it anywhere with its portable size with dimensions of 1.57 x 1.05 x 3.07 inches.

All in all, PrimeTracking GPS tracker would never let you worry in situations like the vehicle is stolen, teen driving, or any malfunction issues in the car. It will alert you on time so that you can take immediate action.


  • It’s service available Internationally.
  • It also comes with a SIM card.
  • Portable and sturdy product.


  • The device has heating issues.
  • Subscription plans are expensive.

Tracki GPS Tracker

Tracki Mini GPS tracker is a tiny and portable GPS tracker for cars, with the dimensions of 1.74 x 1.5 x 0.6 inches. The 4G connection and mobile application to access all information make it the best real time GPS tracker for car. You will get a SIM card included with it.

The features such as durable, compact, waterproof, and attachable via magnet, dog collar with silicon cover makes it the ideal GPS tracker. Most importantly, you can explore the last 5 years of a vehicle’s history with the device.

Tracki mini real time GPS tracker comes with a battery that lasts up to 5 days; thus, either your teens or elder or your rented car could be trackable anywhere easily.

tracki gps tracker

It works with a GPS without an indoor wifi connection and provides you with an accurate real-time driving location. You can set a geo-location limit, so you will get an alert whenever anyone tries to drive out of it.

Moreover, the features like SOS, low battery alert, and the speed limit feature will notify the user via SMS, email, and in-app notification.

The mobile application is available for Android, iOS, and web browsers. Thus, you can track your driving history, keep an eye on teens, and can also recover a stolen car at your fingertips with the accurate location of the vehicle.


  • The device has a good battery backup.
  • It is compact to install anywhere secretly.
  • The product has a lifetime warranty.


  • You have to pay monthly fees.

Trak-4 GPS Tracker for Tracking Vehicles

Track-4 GPS tracker is a durable and solid GPS device that can track your vehicle for up to 18 months with a single charge. It has a long-lasting battery backup among other GPS devices.

Whether you want to monitor trip details or make car theft-proof, just simply attach it to anywhere in the vehicle and get the accurate details.

You can set the ping rate from 1 minute to 1 hour, and at the same time, you will get location updates of the vehicle. Track-4 GPS has a fantastic mapping system to provide the suitable real-time location of vehicles. Moreover, you can also get location history with an animated scale for better understanding.

trak-4 gps tracker

Additionally, it also works even with no GPS signal at some specific locations; thus, if you park your car somewhere underground or in a remote area, it helps to track location easily. You can also set the alerts via email, SMS, and notifications. Thus, the Track-4 GPS tracker offers all these convenient features with various monthly plans.


  • It is durable and fully waterproof.
  • You can charge it with any cellphone cable.
  • You will get unlimited cellular data.


  • The monthly plans are expensive.
  • Users find the device is heavier.

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

LandAirSea 54 GPS tracking device is a product of a reputed company and also an affordable product available in the market. This micro GPS tracker is lightweight, waterproof, ultra durable, and the best magnetic GPS tracking device for cars, which reduces the cost of any third-party case.

The monthly subscription plans offer limited yet all essential features that you can expect from a GPS tracker. It updates you every three minutes about the location and driving habits of the vehicle. However, you can also reduce the updating time by 3 seconds according to your need.

landairsea 54 gps tracker

The design is quite portable, with dimensions of 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.8 inches in a round shape. It utilizes the 4G/LTE network connection and provides the vehicle’s real-time location. Whether it’s your vehicle, or a flea, or a teen’s driving, 54 GPS tracker would be a decent choice according to its price and features.


  • The most affordable device.
  • The battery backup is up to three weeks.
  • Compact and durable.


  • Some premium features are missing.
  • Alerts set up to limited geofence regions.

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Best Hidden GPS Tracker for Car No Monthly Fee [FAQs]:

As of now, you must have gotten to know about the GPS tracker and some best GPS trackers out there. There is no doubt that GPS trackers for cars are essential for every individual for security purposes. As it is a long-term investment, you must only pick the best device that performs well in every situation.

Apart from the GPS trackers details mentioned above, some might still be confused about the costs per month of a GPS tracker. For your ease, below are some frequently asked questions that might help you;

Are There Any GPS Trackers Without Monthly Fees?

People usually think, is there a GPS tracker that doesn’t require a monthly subscription? Most GPS trackers charge monthly subscription fees for using their premium features on GPS devices. But Yes, there are a few hidden GPS trackers for cars that don’t charge monthly or yearly subscription fees.

And you can even use all their tracking features such as real-time location, change alert timing features, and browsing the vehicle’s location history.

Yet you have to search to find such products with zero fees with all GPS tracking features. As not every free GPS device allows users to enjoy services like live location and car diagnostic features.

Where to Hide a GPS Tracker on a Car?

After buying the GPS device, you must be wondering the best place to put a GPS tracker in a car. Perhaps, you can install the GPS tracker anywhere on the car or fleet vehicle on the rear or front bumper. Moreover, the secret and safe places are alloy wheels, under the seats, or glove boxes.

However, placing a GPS tracker under a car’s dashboard is ideal, as it is near the onboard diagnostics port and connected well. Thus, setting it under the dashboard and connecting with the OBD port would be the best idea if you want to see car diagnostic reports.

Is Putting a Tracking Device on a Car Illegal?

It is wise to question whether is it illegal to put GPS tracking device on car? Or before installing them on your own or someone’s car.

In most cases, it is legal to install or use a GPS tracker on your vehicle to track your stolen vehicle, track your children’s (below 18) diving habits, or track your fleet vehicle. However, it is illegal if you use a GPS tracker when you are not the vehicle’s owner or trying to track your boyfriend or girlfriend’s car.

Perhaps, some state laws state that if the vehicle is the joint property of your and your spouse, it is legal to use it. But, if the car is not yours, must you think that it’s illegal to put a GPS tracking device on someone’s car.

What is the Best Hidden GPS Tracker for Cars and Trucks?

To conclude, this guide about the GPS tracker for cars might have made you aware of all the essential information you might know before buying or using the GPS tracker. No doubt, a GPS tracker is the cheapest way to track a car.

It helps in numerous situations like tracking your teen or elder’s driving pattern for safety, making your car theft safe, or recovering your stolen vehicle. Additionally, a GPS tracker might also help you monitor your trips and fuel usage data and give a full diagnostic report of the vehicle.

Although, it is always wise to invest in a GPS tracker to safeguard your car in any situation. And if you want a long-lasting and real time GPS tracker for tracking your vehicle’s movement. In that case, Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker, GPSit Vehicle Asset Tracking Device, and Trak-4 GPS Tracker for Tracking Assets are the best choice for you amongst the best GPS trackers that are affordable and offer all essential features you require.

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